Jason Goodman, Thomas Schoenberger, Manuel Chavez, III: the crazy connections of the three amigos




Two legal proceedings are on a collision course.  These seemingly independent actions have revealed stunning points of intersection.  Both involve a familiar cast of characters.

The two legal actions are:

STEELE v. GOODMAN, 17-CV-00601-MHL, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia (the Goodman case)


Robert David Steele pictured above

RICH v. BUTOWSKY, CASE #: 1:18-cv-00681-RJL, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia (the Butowsky case)


Ed Butowsky pictured above

Jason Goodman, acting as an unrepresented pro se party in the Goodman case filed the following legal brief (known as ECF Doc. No. 139.



In the above pleading Goodman reports that Manuel Chavez, III (aka “DEFANGO” as he is known on social media) provided electronic mail messages that implicated the Plaintiff (Robert David Steele), Thomas Shoenberger (Schoenberger) and Tanya Cornwell in a scheme.  As Goodman reports, “[t]his email provides substantial evidence of the conspiracy alleged by the Defendant (Goodman).  Caveat: YouTube personality Frank Bacon (Tyroan Simpson) is also implicated.

At different times Goodman has referred to this conspiracy as “the organization of the monetized conspiracy”, “monetized harassment campaign”, “monetized harassment effort” and “decentralized distributed defamation network” (D.D.D. Network).

As reported in a separate blog post Mr. Goodman initiated reports with the New York City field office of the F.B.I. in April 2018 about the D.D.D. Network.

For the most part, the role of Thomas Schoenberger in the D.D.D. Network is largely unreported.




It is instructive to note that at one time Manuel Chavez, III and Thomas Schoenberger were business partners in an entity known as SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES (which is believed to be the D.D.D. Network that Jason Goodman reported to the N.Y.C. F.B.I. field office).

In May 2019 “DEFANGO” files a protection order request in the courts of Carson City, Nevada (Case No. 19 PO 00276 1C).  Apparently, Mr. Schoenberger has a collection of such restraining orders.

Caveat: both (1) Schoenberger and (2) Chavez have been named as witnesses in the Butowsky lawsuit which orbits the Seth Rich controversary.


In an unrelated matter, the YouTube channel “ABEL DANGER” has reported that Mr. Schoenberger was the defendant in a high profile civil lawsuit in Los Angeles County (he is believed to be a resident of Inglewood, California).



What is of interest is the rich history that Mr. Schoenberger has in an area related to “stalking” — the very issue complained so much about by Jason Goodman.  The premise is that Mr. Schoenberger may have developed significant skills in the are of cyber harassment operations that he used in SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES with Manuel Chavez, III to create cyber havoc for Jason Goodman.


There is an interesting Internet thread that dates back to 2010 that describes issues related to unpaid artists associated with an entertainment group.



“Thomas Schoenberger then proceeded to defame and slander anybody that didn’t go along with him using Yelp and many other community websites. Thomas also created a website www.starsoundsdjmusic.com posting all kinds of false information and went as far as to copyright as Star Sounds Productions 2009 on the website. He registered it to Star Sounds Productions but listed himself as administrative contact with his email address and contact phone number. The website was taken down by the Star Sounds attorneys. Why would Star Sounds Productions put up a website and then slander itself. ” [from the above listed web page]

Other interesting tid-bits about Mr. Schoenberger can be found here:




The Napa Valley Register posted the following article about Mr. Schoenberger in 2005.



As several Napa area talent agencies find themselves coming out from under legal scrutiny, two others are moving toward a courtroom confrontation.

Those two are Napa-based North Bay Entertainment and Vallejo-based disc jockey and talent agent Randy Harris.

The dispute between the two involves a broken contract, the presence of a gun at a key meeting and what North Bay’s Thomas Schoenberger characterizes as professional rivalry.

Harris’ suit, filed in Sonoma County, seeks more than $48,000 in back commissions, interest and attorney fees based on a written agreement with North Bay that was consummated in 2002.

In court documents, Schoenberger blames Harris for the falling out and said he only entered the deal “because of mistake, fraud, duress or undue influence as a result of plaintiff’s expressed and implied threats of bodily harm to defendant.”

In an interview last week, Schoenberger said he is likely to file a countersuit against Harris.

Harris started working with Schoenberger’s North Bay Entertainment in 2000. In court papers Harris stated he was invited to join as an agent with the firm, but Schoenberger said in a document filed with the court that he was coerced into entering the deal.

Schoenberger claims to have entered into the contract only after Harris showed him a loaded gun, “and then presented the contract for defendant’s signature.”

Accounts of the gun incident vary greatly. In court papers, Harris said, “We both like guns, and he said he’d like to see it. It happened when I still worked for him. We went into a different office and drew the blinds, and I put it on the table.”

Harris said the Beretta .380 was not loaded, but Schoenberger says he considered it a threat and “turned white.”

The contract dispute is scheduled for a jury trial in Sonoma County Superior Court on Oct. 21 before Judge Knoel Owen. Schoenberger associate Eric Symons said a mediation session has been requested for July 7. A previous settlement offer of $7,500 went nowhere.

Those dates are almost certain to change since attorneys for both Harris and Schoenberger say they have potential calendar conflicts.



To be continued ….




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