Charges considered in SDNY against ABEL DANGER, DEFANGO and LESTAT — blackmail, extortion and kidnapping for hire (bitcoin)




Pictured above: Manuel Chavez, III, aka DEFANGO





On August 20, 2019 the federal judge in the JASON GOODMAN federal lawsuit in New York City authorized the Plaintiff (George Webb’s brother) to file new charges, due before September 11, 2019.




YouTube personality Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada will have the opportunity to explain his recent trip to the jurisdiction of the federal court in New York to meet with political social media operatives — and allegedly Jason Goodman.

DEFANGO then posted a rare and bizarre planned meet-up with former CrowdSource The Truth operative Quinn Michaels (Korey Atkin).



This follows the infamous tweet on Twitter posted by DEFANGO (OGNAFED) offering one bitcoin ($10,000 USD) for the “capture” of one Thomas Schoenberger, a former business partner of DEFANGO.

Thomas Schoenberger was named as a co-conspirator in a 3D  (decentalized distributed defamation) smear network by Jason Goodman in the Robert David Steele lawsuit in Richmond, Virginia.



It is curious that the pleading from Goodman names Tyroan Simpson (YouTube personality “FRANK BACON“), which appears to have been message copied on the tweet (shown above); see @BakedFrankn.




ABEL DANGER AND LESTAT (Arturo Tavoyovsky)

Recent changes to the system administration of the ABEL DANGER YouTube channel indicate that “LESTAT“, a non-resident alien, has taken on the role of channel control.  It is believed that David Charles Hawkins, co-fonder of ABEL DANGER and a U.K. citizen residing in White Rock, British Columbia, transferred control of the ABEL DANGER YouTube channel to LESTAT.


cicada-lestat-interview-screengr 2019-35-57-timestamp (1)

Mexican national “LESTAT”

dowssssnload (2)

U.K. nation in Canada “forensic economist” David Charles Hawkins

Recently the ABEL DANGER YouTube channel has taken on the role of purportedly exposing alleged cyber criminals like Thomas Schoenberger, who was named in a California lawsuit for allegedly obtaining $400,000 from a love interest who later sued him for the return of the monies.  The love interest alleged fraud.  Recall Schoenberger is alleged by Jason Goodman to be a player in the 3D smear network.



[lawsuit was dismissed]

LESTAT is rumored to be a close associate of DEFANGO, as the both apparently worked together on a puzzle game known as Cicada 3301.  DEFANGO has openly discussed his expertise in “reputation defense” which is interpreted by some observers to mean “reputation destruction”.

Recently DEFANGO has enjoyed an improved relationship with Jason Goodman, who lives in the jurisdiction of the New York City federal court.  It is believed Manuel Chavez. III met with Goodman to renew 3D smear network operations with Quinn Michaels.


Pictured above: Quinn Michaels aka Korey Atkin


Allegations will be presented to the SDNY that ABEL DANGER and CROWDSOURCE THE TRUTH have formed a racketeering confederation that traffics in smear campaigns, blackmail, extortion and kidnapping for hire (allegedly).













To be continued…..



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2 thoughts on “Charges considered in SDNY against ABEL DANGER, DEFANGO and LESTAT — blackmail, extortion and kidnapping for hire (bitcoin)

  1. Yes, that lawsuit was dismissed by the court. Good editorial Respectfully could you please add that the lawsuit was dismissed? Thank you.
    Very happy to see this update. Myself and TitusFrost and others went to the FBI immediately after Defango’s Bitcoin Kidnapping for hire scheme went public. Please note, I also received strange emails like this in late May. I suspect Eli Priest was behind this missive

  2. Heads up.
    Lestat (@Tafoyovsky)
    21/08/2019, 06:15
    Don´t worry we got a channel with 68k subs. they are already making there desperate slander videos 🤭 lol and they call them self mind war experts, ⁦‪@HoffmanTrilogy‬⁩ let them have restless nights, the anticipation of impending doom will serve them well.
    Isaac had a “Large File” on Hoffman.

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