DEFANGO and Schoenberger attacks on Jason Goodman at CrowdSource The Truth linked to PINK CUBE efforts






In two federal lawsuits Jason Goodman, purported owner of 21st Century 3D, has alleged a PINK CUBE-like operation has targeted his “business”.  PINK CUBE refers to the infamous BLACK CUBE INCIDENT — an event that catalyzed the on-going social media disputes between Manuel Chavez, III (“DEFANGO“) and Jason Goodman at the time (November 17, 2017).

DEFANGO (Chavez) admitted in numerous videos posted on the YouTube platform that he had received information from Matt Couch (see Aaron Rich lawsuit) that Goodman was an operative of the BLACK CUBE organization (presumably a para-military information operations group similar to BLACKWATER).  DEFANGO published this information on his YouTube show.



In his videos (published May – June 2019 on DEFANGO TV, LARP WARS and MERLIN DEFANGO YouTube channels) Chavez incriminated himself with a series of confessions related to the PINK CUBE operation, instantiated as SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES.  PINK CUBE is merely short-hand for the “reputation defense/destruction” core capabilities of the entity DEFANGO created with one Thomas Schoenberger.


Manuel Chavez, III exposes PINK CUBE effort (aka SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES)


Schoenberger and DEFANGO were engaged by a Dallas, Texas businessman known as Edward Butowsky (deeply involved in the Seth Rich controversy and subsequent lawsuit by Aaron Rich.  Democratic National Committee operative Trevor FitzGibbon was also involved in the creation of the PINK CUBE effort.


As the editors of Tracking the Leopard Meroz have pointed out in a series of articles, both Thomas Schoenberger and DEFANGO and visions of creating a type of litigation support business that could augment litigation with public relations smear campaigns.  The same allegations have been leveled against Jason Goodman at CrowdSource The Truth.


L to R: Jason Goodman, Trish Negron, DEFANGO (Chavez), George Webb



In a half-dozen federal court filings, Jason Goodman has repeated this conspiracy theory that a PINK CUBE type 3D NETWORK (decentralized distributed defamation network) was operating against his “business”.  In video content released across multiple social media platforms in the Fall of 2017, Goodman expressed his belief in what he called a 3D NETWORK of co-conspirators.  It is interesting that Goodman’s alleged business is known on YouTube as “21st CENTURY 3D“.

The preponderance of evidence, already submitted in two federal court cases, indicates that at the very least DEFANGO and Thomas Schoenberger have allegedly conducted active smear information operations against Jason Goodman in 2017 and possibly 2018.  Goodman publicly stated that he had met with the New York F.B.I. field office (later discovered to be Special Agent Brittany Custer) in April 2018 about the 3D NETWORK (“PINK CUBE effort”).


Goodman then proceeded to telephone the employers of suspected PINK CUBE (3D NETWORK) co-conspirators (see Titus Frost of YouTube) in alleged attempts to have them fired from their jobs.  Goodman has stated, in several on-line interviews, that he advised these employers of the on-going F.B.I. investigation into the PINK GROUP group.

During this time window (November 2017 to May 2018) Thomas Schoenberger was an unknown entity that was apparently deeply involved in behind the scenes PINK CUBE operations.  In later confessions (April – June 2019) Schoenberger accused DEFANGO of developing wiretapping capabilities to intercept phone calls of the Aaron Rich family (now suing Edward Butowsky in the federal court serving the District of Columbia).


The general public could legitimately wonder if the N.Y.C. F.B.I. investigation, initiated by Goodman in April 2018, is still active.  Assuming it is, then the PINK CUBE group (Shadowbox Strategies) would be the target of such an investigation, which would lead back to Schoenberger and DEFANGO (both involved in an acrimonious social media finger pointing campaign — blaming one another for crimes).

Both DEFANGO and Schoenberger admit that they were engaged by Ed Butowsky to coordinate so-called social media “reputation defense”, an imprecise term that apparently refers to smear campaigns and the like.  It is unknown as to why Jason Goodman would have been a target of these PINK CUBE operatives.


L to R: Jason Goodman and Manuel Chavez, III (DEFANGO)


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One thought on “DEFANGO and Schoenberger attacks on Jason Goodman at CrowdSource The Truth linked to PINK CUBE efforts

  1. To add clarity, Shadowbox was incorporated in Oct 2017. There were 4 of us. Fox, me, Trevor and Manuel
    By December, we kicked Trevor out and the only reason Manuel did not get the boot was that Ed liked him. We had met Ed once, and despite my perception of him as being an hot mess, we agreed to his suggestion that he fly us out in Jan 2018 so he could introduce us to his clients.
    I got there a week after Manuel.Manuel had the master bedroom of a Marriott in Plano or near there. Manuel was creepy, unkept, secretive, creepy.There was tension because Fox had caught him just 40 days earlier, setting up a secret company with Trevor.
    The mission statement shown her was written by Trevor. Ed wanted us to be his militia. Trevor and Defango loved the idea. Fox and I did not. But forget my narrative. Listen to Fox in her own words.If anyone wants every single email regarding Shadowbox, let me know. I happily turned them over to Aaron Rich’s attorneys. Why? Because I engaged in no illegal conduct.Period.One more thing…Lesat created artwork for Shadowbox. He was hanging around my Music channel for months and finally, when we directly communicated in Oct 2017, he offered to help. I provided financial help, perhaps $400 and a $2000 laptop, and Fox sent him $100 a week. He was building out a platform called Zorro.
    He hated Defango at the time. they later became partners. I can back up everything I say, but I guess weak people like Brigid, and a host of others would rather demonize me or silence me.When is anyone going to accept my challenge and start receiving verifiable emails from Lestat and Defango and others so the real truth gets told. There are reasons I am being vilified, perhaps the most obvious is that I was stupid to do business with reptiles.Take a listen to Well Traveled Fox with LTV, not that I trust LTV and his paid Larp operation.I trust almost nobody now.I guess thats what “they” wanted.

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