Jason Goodman, founder of the YouTube conspiracy show CrowdSource The Truth, is awaiting the filing of an Amended Complaint in the Southern District of New York.  The judge in that case has invited the Amended Complaint to be filed prior to September 11, 2019.  Jason wants this to go away apparently.


Jason Goodman

Please provide a current phone number as well as some times over the next few days during which you will be available for phone conference so that you and I may discuss a settlement of the one claim for which the judge has given you an opportunity to amend your complaint.  It is my hope we can avoid further involvement of the court in resolving this matter once and for all.







Defendant Goodman believes in the “one claim theory“.  In Goodman’s mind, there is only one opportunity to submit one copyright claim in the A.C.  Regrettably, this demonstrates the technical weakness of the defendant in understanding the litigation process.






As the “one claim theory” is a neutralized non-starter the following reply was sent to the defendant.





I suggest you review the court filings in Richmond concerning defamation per se (as known in New York), known as trade libel in Virginia.
These pendent state defamation claims will be affixed to the amended complaint (AC).
You will need to file your response 20 days following the docketing of the AC.
Deep State Dunce


Defendant Goodman replies:




Jason Goodman

Please provide a current phone number and suggested times over the next few days for a phone conference.


Goodman is sent this reply:




Are you suggesting a settlement of $25,000 cash payment to resolve these issues?
If not, I am perfectly comfortable using e-mail vs. cordless phones that are vulnerable to man in the middle attacks.
Deep State Dunce


The e-mail reply above cites issues related to man-in-the-middle attacks on cordless phones, promoted by CrowdSource The Truth side kick David Charles Hawkins, (“forensic economist”).  As seen below, CrowdSource The Truth actively promotes the theories that man-in-the-middle attacks were used on cordless phones in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder and the intentional malfunction of New York Fire Department two-way public safety radios on September 11, 2019.


Another Jason Goodman reply:




Jason Goodman

I am asking you to provide a phone number for a telephone conference so we may discuss the remaining aspects of your complaint and work to arrive at a mutually agreeable settlement without further involving the courts.  This is my third request, and based on your failure to properly respond, you seem to be resisting cooperating with the request.  

I ask again, will you, or will you not provide a current phone number and work to establish a mutually agreeable time to conduct a phone conference to discuss these matters?  
Defendant Goodman received the following reply:


Kindly forward any written proposal you care to make.
I will not subject myself to being recorded for your conspiracy YouTube show.
You appear not to understand the consequences of your actions.
The judge has invited an Amended Complaint (AC).  You may offer future settlement proposals in writing at any time, including after the AC is filed.
No phone number will be provided.  
If you are offering cash funds simply state your amount in numbers.
As you have labeled me:
Deep State Dunce





L to R: Plaintiff in lawsuit, Manuel Chavez, III, Robert David Steele


Jason Goodman replies:


Jason Goodman

You may address me as Jason or Mr. Goodman.  I will not be providing any written proposal prior to a telephone conference to discuss numerous details related to your claims and the relief you seek.  Your presumption that any conversation would be the subject of a youtube broadcast is incorrect.  I am making a good faith effort to negotiate a reasonable settlement so we may avoid further involvement of the court and the associated expenses.  I believe your refusal to engage in good faith settlement negotiation at this stage will not be viewed in a favorable light in further proceedings.  I remain open to a conversation in which we might explore the realistic possibility of amicable settlement.  Please let me know when you will be available to do this.
Jason Goodman



The following reply was sent:



These words sound shallow in light of your knight in shining armor graphic you widely distributed on Twitter last week.
Please see your tweet with my horse and suit of armor and the unauthorized portrait of me.  Screams bad faith.
I suggest that George Webb act as a third party umpire or referee in nonbinding arbitration.  George is really good at this sort of thing.
As a sign of good faith you can remove all video content with my portrait and/or likeness and legal name.  Thats a good first step.
I would also appreciate a free coffee cup for my RV.  Can you send four each?  That would be a sign of good faith.
Otherwise I feel the judge’s invitation should be honored and an A.C. should be filed prior to 9/11.
Deep State Dunce


Jason Goodman replies:

Jason Goodman

How do you propose we proceed with George as the intermediary and why do you believe your own brother is an impartial third party?  He’s directly involved in all of this.

Goodman is sent this reply:



Please note the use of #SirSweigert in the attached graphic.  I assumed you approved of that salutation.
We should wait on George.  Or maybe we could use his lawyer friend McDuff.  He is a real lawyer in Cobb Island, Maryland.
I may need a guardian ad litem to review your suggestions as I am a mental case according to your videos.  Maybe George could act as guardian.
I have to get back to editing the A.C.
My phone is losing battery power.
Deep State Dunce


Goodman replies:


Jason Goodman

Should I consider your written statements admissions of fact?


Goodman was sent this reply:



You have made several videos implying that I have a mental disorder.  This is your content.
So, it would be a fact that you distributed dozens of videos implying such a condition.
Is this your concern?
The content of your videos?
Otherwise I don’t understand.
Deep State Dunce





To be continued …..






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