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Word matter.

U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lefkow’s mother and husband were murdered by a man angry with her for dismissing his lawsuit, and now, more than two years later, she is drawing new life from her tragedy.” [see below]





“Given her exemplary judicial temperament, it was the cruelest twist of fate that Judge Lefkow became the subject of two senseless assassination attempts. First, by a white supremacist in 2003 and second, on Feb. 28, 2005, by a disgruntled litigant whose case she had dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. It was during this second assassination attempt that Judge Lefkow’s mother, Donna, and husband, Michael, were shot and killed in the Lefkow home.” [see below]





On May 18, 2005, Judge Lefkow testified before the U.S. Congress on the problem of providing security for judges, placing some of the blame for the attack on her family on rhetoric against judges issued by persons such as Pat Robertson. [12] Neo-Nazi radio host and FBI informant Hal Turner asserted[when?] that comments of his (which called for Lefkow’s death) may have inspired the murders.[13]  [see link below]





“Then came two years of taunts — with the judge’s personal information and family photographs posted on racist websites — before Hale, 33, was convicted of soliciting her murder.

Hal Turner, a New Jersey man who hosts a white supremacist shortwave radio program, had posted on his website the names and work addresses of three appellate court judges connected to Hale’s copyright case.

On Tuesday, he removed the material. But he left an electronic link to a court ruling listing their names, along with this statement: “I believe it is time to put the judges named above [in the ruling] into the arena of public scrutiny.”

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, testifying Tuesday before the House Appropriations Committee, assured lawmakers that the Lefkow case would be solved.” [see below]





Hal Turner, an online radio “shock jock” and blogger, was convicted on Friday of threatening to kill three federal judges in Chicago, Illinois, in retaliation for a ruling they made that upheld handgun bans, government officials said.Turner was arrested and charged in June 2009 for posting incendiary comments that said the judges involved in the case deserved to be killed. The three judges he threatened, who had upheld a ban on handguns in Chicago and the Oak Park suburb, testified at the trial.” [see below]





Hal Turner

“Three judges from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook and Judges Richard Posner and William Bauer — took the witness stand Tuesday in the Brooklyn trial of Harold Turner, the New Jersey blogger charged with encouraging his readers to murder the three judges as retribution for their decision upholding a Chicago handgun ban.
Easterbrook told the jury that upon reading Turner’s posts his “principal concern was that somebody would try to come kill me or shoot me or blow me up.” [see below]




Judge Richard A. Posner (retired)


Interestingly the Defendant Jason Goodman of CrowdSource The Truth commenced a series of social media podcasts (distributed to twelve (12) platforms) called the “COUNTER-LAWFARE REPORT” that featured reports about Judge Posner.


Streamed live on Nov 12, 2018

Judge Richard Posner joins Brian and me to discuss the Posner Center of Justice for Pro Se’s.




As part of the “COUNTER-LAWFARE REPORT” Jason Goodman inserted himself into the Arizona criminal case of Michael Barden (convicted of felony disorderly conduct with a weapon.



Streamed live on Sep 27, 2018

Michael Barden joins me again to share his story of ongoing harassment and gang stalking.

Buy a hat from Michael’s eBay store – https://www.ebay.com/str/Hatsaroundth…

Jason Goodman highlights judge Susan Brnovich

(nominated during Michael Barden case)




Court proceedings for Michael Barden of Goodyear, Arizona

(case no. CR2018-100874-001).



L to R:  Brian Vukadinovich (Wheatfield, Indiana), Michael Barden and

Jason Goodman (CrowdSource The Truth)



Streamed live on Oct 4, 2018

Brian Vukadinovich stood up for his rights and won. As a Pro Se Plaintiff, Brian represented himself in a Federal civil lawsuit against the Hanover Community School Corp. Brian joins me today to discuss the importance of standing up for yourself, your rights to due process and the truth.

L to R: Chief Judge Philip P. Simon, Brian Vukadinovich


Brian Vukadinovich discusses his disgust with Indiana jurist on

CrowdSource The Truth

At 45:15 in the above video “[the judge] threatened me right before the trial”.

Speaking about Chief Judge Philip P. Simon

USDC Northern Indiana (Hammond)



U.S. District Court Northern District of Indiana [LIVE]
USDC Northern Indiana (Hammond)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 2:13-cv-00144-PPS

Vukadinovich v. Hanover Community School Corporation et al
Assigned to: Chief Judge Philip P Simon
Demand: $9,999,000
Cause: 42:2000 Job Discrimination (Age)
Date Filed: 04/29/2013
Date Terminated: 11/30/2016
Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Nature of Suit: 442 Civil Rights: Jobs
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Brian Vukadinovich represented by Brian Vukadinovich
11XX E 1300 N
Wheatfield, IN 46392
PRO SE[redacted]



To be continued….