George Webb crumbling as more lies exposed prior to filing in SDNY Jason Goodman lawsuit







A barrage of confusing e-mail messages continues to be released by George Webb.  These e-mails document the falsehoods and leaps in logic displayed by this YouTube personality.  As Jason Goodman has reported these lies and falsehoods as truth, George Webb has implicated Mr. Goodman in this slander, defamation and libel campaign which began shortly after the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax of June 14, 2017.

A picture is now emerging of two slander merchants who rely on social media to conduct de-personage campaigns at presumed political opponents or other enemies.



As Reported by CNN, REUTERS, the NYT and the Journal Gazette we have a new kind of terrorist who can disrupt container shipping and close down Sea Ports, it’s the internet Crowdsourcing fraudsters like George Webb and Jason Goodman who both had operated on “Crowdsource the Truth”. George Webb left/quit the Youtube program “Crowdsource the Truth” live on air on August 15th, 2017 after I called him out on some of his false claims.


See minute 44

Streamed live on Aug 15, 2017

Is the cars to cash to terrorism the new substitute for guns to cash to drugs?  Is Alpha Jalloh the new Barry Seal?  What do any of these guys have to do with Seth Rich?


George Webb e-mails



From: George Webb
You sent home a picture while you were stationed in the Air Force guarding the front entrance to a US Embassy.  You told the family you were stationed in Panama, so I assumed you were guarding the US Embassy in Panama.  I don’t need to issue retractions and corrections for private email I send you, I don’t believe.  If you choose to publish these private communications like yesterday, I will endeavor to post any corrections or modifications to the story that you provide.  This is good.  We are getting at the truth.


To: George Webb
George Webb,
The picture you are referring to was from my work in the color guard at Lackland AFB when I was in basic training.  It was a color guard uniform with white duty belt.  Only Marines protect US Embassies not USAF.  You are wrong and in error on that point.
I was stationed in the 1978 Communications Group attached to the 24th Composite Group at Howard AFB between January 1980 and January 1982.  I was in the career field as ground radio repair after six months of technical training at Keesler AFB, Miss.
Your assumption about embassy duty is completely wrong and in complete error.  You were playing basketball at Miami University.  You don’t have a clue about what you are talking about.
You passed this information to Jason Goodman who has conducted an 18 month smear and shame campaign against me based in part on your apparent lies and deception.  This is why you are being sued with your partner.
I was never a CIA contractor, which is another lie you told Jason.  I was never a whistle blower in Latin America concerning downed civilian aircraft.  I was deployed to one search and rescue mission to locate a military helicopter in Ecuador,  This has nothing to do with your incorrect assumption.  Again, another lie.
I submitted sworn statements in the Robert David Steele case in May 2018 providing this same information.  Jason has continued his smear and shame campaign based on these lies and falsehoods generated by you, and amplified by him.  Both of you are liars.
You also lied about Jenny Moore as a protected person in the witness protection program.  You also lied about Jenny Moore working as an uncovered K-9 officer.
Hard to keep track of all the lies and deception from you and your partner Jason Goodman.
Your truly,



U.S. Marine security guard at U.S. embassy


U.S. Air Force basic training





Unit patch of the 1978 Communications Group








3:17-cv-00601-MHL Steele et al v. Goodman et al
M. Hannah Lauck, presiding
Date filed: 09/01/2017
Date of last filing: 08/09/2019



Filed May 22, 2018

Court document filed in the slander, defamation and libel lawsuit against Jason Goodman.


More confirmations from George Webb insiders










L to R:  George Webb and newest sidekick John O’Loughlin (McDuff)





To be continued…..






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