Much like the towers of the World Trade Center (used in the above video to set-up the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax) the house of cards built on lies by Jason Goodman and George Webb appears to be crumbling.

The public-at-large seems to be witnessing the implosion of the Goodman / Webb smear and shaming machine.  Since the Port of Charleston affair (June 14, 2017) Goodman and Webb continue to align themselves with dangerous anti-government extremists like ABEL DANGER co-founders Field McConnell and David Charles Hawkins.

stoogsssse-esdefaultJason Goodman with sidekick Field McConnell


Hawkins is infamously known for soliciting the victims and next-of-kin of New York fire fighters to join him and Jason Goodman to “sue the hell” out of the patent custodians for those patented devices that were used “recklessly, willfully and negligently” on September 11, 2001.  This is the familiar decade old theme “forensic economist” David Charles Hawkins (White Rock (South Surrey), British Columbia) pushed on the social media properties of the ABEL DANGER conspiracy brand.


Meanwhile, George Webb aligned himself with a registered sex offender that joined him in guitar sing-a-longs in front of the Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C.  The mysterious death of Webb’s “gal Friday” (“Task Force” aka Jenny Moore of Tracy, California) raised many questions about how well Webb protected his sidekick from her numerous falls due to drunkenness.  Over two dozen bruises were observed on the body of Ms. Moore by the Baltimore, Maryland coroner.  Webb himself has an unfavorable reputation has a problem drinker, creating and distributing video content while under the influence.


Concurrent with the above, the association of Jason Goodman with what he called “crack user” Quinn Michaels (aka Korey Atkin) has caused concern amongst observers.  Goodman was publicly known for flying to exotic locations with Quinn Michaels, such as Las Vegas, Venice Beach, North Dakota, etc.  Michaels later left his very close association with Goodman due to what Michaels intimated was a controlling force that desired to steer video content towards Goodman’s favorite attack targets.



The recent conviction of Michael Barden of Goodyear, Arizona was another blow to Goodman.  Jason had spent several days in the Barden home broadcasting extreme anti-government rantings about secret agents and private contractors that were part of a “gang-stalking” program against “targeted individuals”.  Unfortunately for Goodman at CrowdSource The Truth, Barden pled guilty to felony disorderly conduct with a weapon.  Goodman had devoted several hour long podcasts to the Barden case, including veiled pressure directed at the presiding judge (now a federal judge in Arizona).



Goodman is now in the discovery phase of a federal lawsuit filed against him for slander, defamation, and libel by former guest Robert David Steele.  Observers were shocked to read the amateurish writings of Goodman in legal pleadings as a pro se defendant.  The use of “dog ate my homework” excuses alarmed many legal reviewers of the case (including apparently the presiding judge).


Both Goodman and Webb continue to crumble into the growing pile of social media rubble.  The pile grows daily with each lie and falsehood pushed by this defaming duo.  The implosion will be eerily similar to the crushing collapse of the World Trade Center towers.






To be continued…..





L to R: George Webb and John O’Loughlin of Cobb Island, Maryland


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