Ed Butowski back in legal hot water after Second Circuit revives FOX News lawsuit




The Second Circuit of Appeals (2d Cir) has revived a lawsuit that orbits around the Seth Rich controversy.  The case addresses the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (I.I.E.D.) by Fox News.  The 2d Cir. released its decision on Friday, September 13th, 2019.

The original lawsuit was brought by the parents of Seth Rich (Joel and Mary Rich) against the Fox News Network, Fox reporter Malia Zimmerman and Dallas, Texas business Edward Butowsky.

The original complaint pled state law claims related to intentional infliction of emotional distress (I.I.E.D.), tortious interference with a contract and negligent supervision.  The 2d Cir. has remanded the case, which was dismissed for failure to allege sufficient facts.

Malia Zimmerman (a Fox reporter) and Ed Butowsky (a Fox news commentator) pushed an apparent “conspiracy theory” that Seth Rich may have downloaded files from the Democratic National Committee ([DNC] where he worked) onto a USB portable device on his DNC computer.

It was Butowsky that had recommended hiring a former Disrictt of Columbia Police Officer  — Rod Wheeler — to conduct a private investigation of the Seth Rich murder.


L to R:  Social media conspiracy theorists self-identified “Jew” George Webb Sweigert and Jason Goodman (CrowdSource The Truth) interview Rod Wheeler.

The lawsuit alleged that Rod Wheeler was hired to infiltrate the Rich family in Nebraska.  Both Zimmerman and Butowsky apparently agreed to hire Wheeler for this purpose.  The parents of Seth Rich then agreed to hire Wheeler.  Allegedly Zimmerman and Butowsky used the Wheeler connection to the Rich family to give credence to a conspiracy theory which they knew was false.

The conspiracy theory stated that Seth Rich leaked thousands of DNC e-mails to WikiLeaks.  The parent of Seth Rich objected to pushing such a story, yet apparently Zimmerman and Butowsky proceeded ahead.  According to court documents, the Rich family were made unwitting collaborators in the scheme.


Click below for PDF of decision:






Butowsky is involved in other litigation in the federal courts of the District of Columbia in a suit brought by Aaron Rich, brother of Seth Rich.



Above is a SHOW CAUSE ORDER directed at Rod Wheeler for apparent failure to respond to court issues subpoenas.

There has been considerable social media controversy related to Ed Butowsky’s hiring of a “reputation defense” company known as SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES (S.S.).  Apparently, S.S. was the hybrid creation of Thomas Schoenberger (Inglewood, California) and Manuel Chavez, III (Carson City, Nevada).


Thomas Schoenberger



Manuel Chavez, III appears on YouTube as



The partnership between Schoenberger and Chavez broke up.

Above is a copy of a restraining order sought by Chavez against Schoenberger.



Chavez and Schoenberger are discussed by pro se party Jason Goodman in a lawsuit pending against Goodman for slander, defamation and libel in the federal court serving Richmond, Virginia (see below).


U.S. District Court
Eastern District of Virginia – (Richmond)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 3:17-cv-00601-MHL

Steele et al v. Goodman et al
Assigned to: District Judge M. Hannah Lauck
Demand: $15,500,000
Cause: 28:1332 Diversity-Personal Injury
Date Filed: 09/01/2017
Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Nature of Suit: 320 Assault Libel & Slander
Jurisdiction: Diversity





To be continued….


Joel and Mary Rich look for answers after the murder of their son, DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered in Washington, D.C. in 2016.

The Rich family







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