Who is Thomas Schoenberger, the mystery man behind Ed Butowsky? Part One




To understand the world of Thomas Schoenberger, the man linked to Ed Butowsky for “reputation defense”, it may be necessary to understand the social media puzzles known as Cicada 3301.  It appears the Cicada 3301 movement linked several social media personalities to Schoenberger, including Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada, known as DEFANGO, DEFANGO LIVES and LARPWARS in YouTube circles.

This intriguing story takes on life with Ed Butowsky paying the hotel costs for Manuel Chavez and Thomas Schoenberger in Dallas, Texas in the fall of 2017.  Somehow Butowsky called upon Schoenberger/Chavez to work out social media strategies in a new company called SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES. 


“….It seems that Thomas St Germain was behind the Cicada 3301 puzzles as early as 2012. He and a team of people created it to find people help him do thing online after enticing them with everything associated with it. I spent 2 months in Texas living with the guy and discovered He was selling it out under everyone’s noses, Thomas Schoenberger is the name…..”



Thomas Schoenberger


The image at the left purports to be a recent photo of Thomas Schoenberger.  Seen in video of DEFANGO (bottom right) and Gabe Hoffman (upper right).


To be continued….



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