Pictured above: Jason Goodman defendant in one of many lawsuits



It what appears to be another startling move by Jason Goodman to distance himself from “forensic economist” David Hawkins (see White Rock, British Columbia, Canada), Goodman has published a video podcast transferring areas of apparent guilt onto the debunked Hawkins.

“Cambridge educated forensic economist” Hawkins (a British citizen) admits in the latest video podcast that he was paid $500.00 monthly to conduct opposition research against the sister of Abel Danger creator Field McConnell — Kristine Marci.  Apparently, this $500/month arrangement continued for over four (4) years.  According to Hawkins, it was his task to find information about Kristine Marci and create web-content for the web-site known as AbelDanger.Org.


In the first podcast with David Hawkins following the October 24th, 2019 initial pre-trial conference with federal Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron, the founder of CrowdSource The Truth (Jason Goodman) stated that Hawkins might be an “expert witness” in lawsuits related to the World Trade Center disaster of September 11, 2001.


L to R: David Hawkins of White Rock, B.C. and Jason Goodman of N.Y.C.

Goodman also offered up the much repeated line that the slander, defamation and libel lawsuit pending against him in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) is frivolous and vexatious.  In that context, he recognized that Hawkins could possibly be an aid to the litigation process of providing a remedy to the victims families of 9/11/2001.  Apparently, this is a reference to the Second Amended Complaint (which Goodman has yet to answer).


Goodman/Hawkins proceed to blame the undersigned for using his “hacking skills” to help facilitate “staged” C.I.s causing the murder of hundreds. To provide the Court relevant background of the consumer-oriented deception, Hawkins and Goodman have openly solicited the recruitment of litigants to sue defense contractors for the misuse of patented technology on September 11, 2001 that caused the deaths of 343 F.D.N.Y. fire fighters.  Essentially, Goodman and Hawkins were holding out deceptive false hope to the next-of-kin of 9/11 survivors, based on Hawkins credentials as a “Cambridge educated forensic economist”.  In this context, the undersigned is blamed for his part in orchestrating the M.C.I.  This illustrates the deceptive conduct, which was consumer oriented, and which had public implications.  See below.

*Note: M.C.I. = Mass Casualty Incident

In the video podcast, Goodman spent a considerable amount of time lamenting the loss of his friendship with Field McConnell.  Goodman reported that he had visited the household ranch of Field McConnell is Wisconsin.


Above: Field McConnell showcased in CrowdSource The Truth video podcast



L to R:  Jason Goodman and Field McConnell

Both Goodman and McConnell share the distinction that they have created Internet conspiracy brands; such as Abel Danger and CrowdSource The Truth.  Both appear to specialize in smear campaigns and reputation destruction advertising campaigns.



Goodman also stated his outright hostility for the creators of the AbelDanger.Org web-site that included a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) redirect to a web-site that discussed Goodman and his associates (to include George Webb Sweigert [former room-mate of Goodman]).


To be continued…




Goodman appears outside the federal courthouse in the Eastern District of Virginia after attending an initial pre-trial conference (IPTC) in his other lawsuit Robert David Steele v. Jason Goodman, 3:17-cv-00601, Hon. M. H. Lauck).

The status of the threatened lawsuit against Goodman by Scott Allan Bennett (former Goodman sidekick) is presently not known.


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