Is it trick or treat for Jason “dick pic” Goodman in his SDNY slander, libel & defamation lawsuit ?


Above: Jason Goodman of CrowdSource The Truth



The Plaintiff has provided a three page letter to the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.) federal court to satisfy the request of Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron.  During the October 24, 2019 Initial Pre-trial Conference (IPTC) the Magistrate had suggested that there may be inadequacies of COUNT ONE in the Second Amended Complaint (SAC).

The focus of COUNT ONE allegations centers on Goodman’s use of “free” social media platforms is his commercial / advertising use of these platforms to draw viewers to the “pay” Patreon and SubscribeStar services.  It relies on the “trick or treat” approach.


Clarification has been provided to Magistrate Judge Aaron (via three page response letter) to address the distinction between (1) the free “trick”  CrowdSource The Truth advertising / commercial solicitation videos (all YouTube videos of Goodman) and (2) the “paid” “treat” Goodman videos that require membership in Patreon and SubscribeStar to view.

This is a pseudo bait-switch approach.  Consumers and the public can listen and watch “free” YouTube videos to be enticed, invited and solicited to continue watching on “paid” Patreon and SubscribeStar.   Under New York law the “free” portion would be considered a commercial or advertising solicitation.



COUNT ONE of the SAC relies on New York Business Law section 349 AND section 350.  This is a subtle distinction that may have been lost on the Magistrate Judge during his reading of the SAC.  In the Court ORDER of 10/24/2019, the Magistrate refers only to section 349.


Letter response to the Magistrate Judge:





Above: Jason Goodman appears to be holding awards of someone else (not his)


Above: Jason Goodman’s sidekick Jack Conte of PATREON

Some of the allegations of COUNT ONE appear below:

One such proxy podcast “guest” is David Charles Hawkins (a non-U.S. citizen [U.K. national] living in White Rock (South Surrey), British Columbia, CANADA). With Goodman’s help, Hawkins solicits his expertise as an “forensic economist” that can assist next-of-kin of  9/11 WTC families in recovering monies from those companies (like Northrop Grumman, Boeing Aerospace, General Dynamics, etc.) that have misused patented technology to create “wrongful deaths from the negligent, reckless, wilful or fraudulent use ” such patents (as explained during hour long lectures on the CSTT platforms). An example of Hawkins background statement appears below.


Quoting in relevant part, “David Hawkins has become recognized as a world authority on the application of deductive logic, thermodynamics and applied mathematics to simulate anisotropic effects caused by natural disasters, accidents and/or organized crime groups and help injured communities claim damages for wrongful deaths associated with the negligent or reckless use of patented devices by Global Custodians.” [emphasis added]




To be continued…




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