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Michael D. Moore is the latest YouTube “investigative journalist” to be placed on the list for potential witnesses in the Jason D. Goodman libel, slander and defamation lawsuit now pending in the federal court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

Moore uses the pen name “Thomas Paine” and appears on a near weekly broadcast on CrowdSource The Truth.  He may be more infamously known for publishing stories about the New York Police Department (NYPD) and their supposed confiscation of a laptop that was the property of former Congressman Anthony Weiner.


True Pundit article Internet URL: https://t.co/O0bVJT3QDr


Michael D. Moore, (West Chester, Pennsylvania) known as “Thomas Paine” of the ALT-RIGHT hate speech web-site “True Pundit”, which published an unsubstantiated story that former President William J. Clinton sexually molested and raped a teenage boy on a yacht in New Port, Rhode Island. Other hoax news stories have included purported leaks from the New York F.B.I. field office concerning “deep state” operatives planning assassinations, evidence destruction, server investigations of Hillary Clinton, etc. Moore has a criminal record for criminal conspiracy to violate U.S. copyright laws (arrested by the F.B.I. in 2013 – Philadelphia, PA). See Plaintiff’s Fourth (4th) Request for Judicial Notice (incorporated by reference) [4-RJN], Doc. No. 13, -1, -2, 08/17/18).

Michael D. Moore “True Pundit” https://www.patreon.com/truepundit

“We established this Patreon campaign because readers have asked: How can we help? Where can we send money? This is where you can help contribute to investigative journalists, intelligence veterans, and truth tellers who risk their safety and that of their families to bring you the truth. Free from corporate media manipulation and falsehoods.”


Twitter account for Michael D. Moore of West Chester, Penn.




Michael D. Moore reporting on the death of Jenny Moore aka “Task Force”







On October 28th, 2017, after all three of the articles mentioned/linked above had already been published, True Pundit did a live-stream audio interview on the Crowdsource The Truth podcast about the Paddock shooting. During the long interview, which was mostly about the Las Vegas shooting, he gave only his own thoughts on the case, with no references to the supposed insider sources he used for his articles. (At 57:30 of the video, you can hear him give his thoughts on the Campos gunshot wound.)

Again, this is a small thing compared to some of True Pundit’s other obvious lies, but it’s just more evidence making it quite evident he does not have special information. And it’s part of a pattern. In his several appearances on Crowdsource The Truth, he hardly ever talks about the inside information stemming from his “sources.” The main reason should be obvious: he’s not comfortable trying to improvise those type of lies.





A CrowdSource The Truth report feature “Thomas Payne” aka Michael D. Moore (l) and Jason Goodman (r)


Above: Michael D. Moore sits on a park bench in Philadelphia, Penn.


Above: Michael D. Moore (convicted of federal charges, l) and Jason Goodman (r)



BuzzFeed article about Michael D. Moore (below)


Days after former FBI lawyer Lisa Page testified in a closed-door meeting with the House Oversight and Government Reform and House Judiciary committees, pro-Trump website True Pundit published an explosive — and false — report about what she said.

The article cited anonymous “well-placed FBI sources” to claim Page revealed that Chinese hackers had accessed Hillary Clinton’s private server, stolen her emails, and intercepted hundreds of top secret documents including even the president’s daily schedule — and that the FBI knew about it and did nothing.

In response, Page’s lawyer spoke publicly to say the story was unequivocally false. Even Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert — who has pushed the as-yet unproven claim that a foreign power “other than Russia” gained access to Clinton’s server — disputed the story about Page. He told Fox News she “apparently didn’t know” about anything related to China, directly contradicting True Pundit.



Book description appears below:

SWAT-clad FBI agents stormed into Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore’s home and terrorized his wife and young children at gunpoint after rousting them out of bed. Not once, but twice, pointing automatic weapons at the family. Historic, costly blunders for the FBI.

In response Paine assembled his journalism crew of former feds, launched True Pundit and literally dismantled the FBI in less than two years with pens and laptops while working from home, often in pajamas.

While the mainstream media ignored a corrupt FBI & DOJ, Paine and cohorts hammered away and knocked the FBI off its trusted public mantle. Revered FBI leaders were fired. Others quit. FBI officials, targeted by True Pundit’s hard-hitting reporting, are now targets of numerous federal investigations. A fitting irony after the FBI — whom Paine worked for — came into his home with M4 rifles drawn on his young kids and wife. Twice. Then, the FBI went on a rampage to ruin his Fortune 100 career at Citi and even prevented him from attending his mother’s funeral.

What did Paine know that terrified the Deep State and prompted FBI agents to stoop so low as to literally terrorize an 8-year-old and 12-year-old? And Paine’s wife? Paine tells it all here — revealing he was investigating Intel that the FBI, CIA & White House were covering up evidence that Osama bin Laden was living and running al-Qaeda from Iran after 9/11. Paine reveals his True Identity: Loeb Award-winning & Pulitzer nominated newspaper reporter and Intel expert Mike Moore.

And his insider revelations about bin Laden — and the Bush and Obama White Houses — are not pretty as they blow the roof off one of the most sinister, gut-wrenching scandals in U.S. history, involving Democrats and Republicans.

Implicated too here are U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller along with former CIA Director John Brennan, among many others. A Criminal conspiracy involving top players in the Deep State, entrenched in one of the greatest public betrayals imaginable.

They tried to silence Paine and ruin him to keep these alarming revelations secret but something went wrong. Paine rose from the ashes of his battered life and tattered financial career and then re-launched his award-winning journalism career. And this time — playing by his own rules — Paine blows the lid off of a massive cover-up that implicates the same D.C. elite who tried to take him down.

Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore’s story is one of personal loss, struggle, payback and patriotism.

You may have heard the prophetic warning that “One Day You’re Going to Mess with the Wrong Guy.”

In ‘How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas,’ Paine proves he is THAT guy. And the FBI — or what’s left of it now — surely regrets the days it threatened Paine’s wife and children at gunpoint, miscalculations that ultimately rocked its foundations unlike any FBI scandal in American history.









Above: Jason Goodman appears with camera, circa 2006



To be continued…



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