“Trick or treat” letter docketed by Clerk in Jason “dick pic” Goodman slander, libel and defamation lawsuit in the SDNY


Defendant Jason “dick pic” Goodman




The eerie optics of the Clerk of the Court docketing the plaintiff’s letter on Halloween seems a harbinger of things to come for defendant Jason Goodman of CrowdSource The Truth.  Case management in the Southern District of New York now moves the focus onto November 14, 2019 when Goodman’s ANSWER to the Second Amended Complaint (SAC) is due.

Goodman has a reputation for boasting of his legal contacts; such as: Larry Klayman, Jared and Elizabeth Beck, retired 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner, etc.  It is unknown if Goodman will marshal his purported legal team to address the letter to Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Arron (document no. 98 on the court docket).

The letter (see below) describes the “trick or treat” and/or “bait and switch” tactics used by Jason Goodman to lure members of the public to his Patreon and SubscribeStar paid subscriber social media platforms.  This is often referred to as a “pay wall” or “pay to play” scheme.



U.S. District Court
Southern District of New York (Foley Square)

Sweigert v. Goodman
Assigned to: Judge Valerie E. Caproni
Referred to: Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron
10/29/2019 98 LETTER addressed to Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron from D. George Sweigert, dated 10/25/19 re: REPLY LETTER TO MAGISTRATE JUDGE STEWART D. AARON REF: ECF DOC. NO. 97. Document filed by D George Sweigert.(sc) (Entered: 10/31/2019)


Above: Attorneys (l) Elizabeth and Jared Beck appear with (r) Jason Goodman


Above: Larry Klayman (l) with Jason Goodman (r) of CrowdSource The Truth




Above: Jason Goodman of CrowdSource The Truth

To be continued….



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