Pedo entrapment allegations directed at inmate Field McConnell by Abel Danger founder David Charles Hawkins



CrowdSource The Truth regular and Jason Goodman sidekick David Charles Hawkins has been doing a lot of “sqauwking” lately about Field McConnell.  Both Hawkins and McConnell created the conspiracy theory brand Abel Danger (circa 2007).  But, lately Hawkins has been implicating McConnell in a “pedophile entrapment ring” that Hawkins apparently has/had knowledge of.

Now that Field McConnell has been arrested (11-4-2019) by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department (Wisconsin), the pedophile entrapment remarks made by Hawkins about McConnell seem to enjoy new unwanted attention.  Especially as to how Hawkins came by this knowledge.


Hawkins displays a certain style of insinuation while lecturing CrowdSource patrons on possible pedophile extortion and black mail rings.  In fact, Hawkins’ pedophile theories are the central core of the defamation, libel and slander lawsuit brought against Jason Goodman in the Southern District of New York.




Hawkins has recently admitted that he was a paid operative for McConnell in the early days of Abel Danger (circa 2009 +/-),  For $500.00 a month (over four years) Hawkins created content on the Abel Danger web-site and focused his writings on Kristine Marcy, McConnell’s sister.

Besides stating his belief that McConnell has a drinking problem (like that of George Webb of Cobb Island, Maryland), Hawkins has recently told Goodman that he held beliefs that BOTH McConnell and his sister Kristine Marcy may have been compromised by the “pedophile entrapment network“.

Hawkins has been writing about such pedophile and snuff film networks for a decade as a “Cambridge educated forensic economist”.  When Hawkins announced these allegations on the CrowdSource The Truth conspiracy channels, host Jason Goodman immediately and abruptly cut off Hawkins (as if to distract from allegations that Goodman may have dated teenagers).  It seems reminiscent of  allegations against Goodman by former CrowdSource side kick Queen Tut (Susan Holmes of Fort Collins, Colo.)) and former room-mate George Webb.

See below:

The announcer in the above video does question how David Charles Hawkins (White Rock (South Surrey), British Columbia, Canada) can be so knowledgeable about this “pedophile entrapment ring“.  Almost an insider view sorta speak.  Further, Hawkins goes into great detail about technical configurations for a possible snuff-film network that he has been writing about on blog posts for almost a decade.

The below blog posting is believed to have been written by David Hawkins and addresses alleged “pedophile” Kristine Marcy.


It is believed that the blog posting (see above) was written while David Hawkins was receiving $500.00 a month (for four (4) years) to write about Kristine Marcy.

Former CrowdSource sidekick Queen Tut (a co-defendant with Goodman in a slander, libel and defamation case in Richmond, Virginia) has made allegations against Goodman about his dating practices.  According to Ms. Holmes Jason Goodman bragged to her he was “dating a 19 year old“.  Goodman is apparently 48 years old. 

Some of Susan B. Holmes’ (Queen Tut) allegations concerning reports she was given by Patricia Negron (Boston, Mass).  Negron traveled with Goodman to the United Kingdom to conduct interviews outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London (holding Julian Assange).  


Above: Jason Goodman (l), Queen Tut (m), Trish Negron (r).


Article discusses the “sexting” allegations against Jason Goodman (repeated by Queen Tut after discussions with Trish Negron).



For other fact-based disclosures see below.

General information and background on the Goodman and Hawkins connection with Field McConnell see:




Defendant Jason Goodman (see libel, defamation, slander lawsuit)




To be continued….





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  1. Lestat has now denied that Tim H gave him the Abel Danger youtube channel. Thought Arturo is known as being very deceptive, he may be honest on this one point.
    Defango accused Lestat of extortion..
    Then backs down.
    Much more likely Gabe Hoffman or MagaCo bought the channel to silence Lestat from going public
    It coincides with Goodman and Chevez interactions and Chavez sharing of emails.
    The Lone Cicada aka Bobby Sauerwald has now parted ways with his former BFF Lestat
    Both are suspected pedophiles.
    What was Lestat threatening to expose?
    Explore Gabe Hoffman and his connections to………

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