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Recently discovered court documents have opened a window into the private life of ABEL DANGER founder Field McConnell.

“… Field McConnell is a long time pilot with Northwest Airlines. Alison is a homemaker. In the two years preceding this bankruptcy, the Debtors listed their incomes as $190,000, in 2001, and $200,000, in 2002, from Field’s salary as a pilot. The Debtors claim to be farmers as well, listing $11,863, farm income in 2001, and $24,015 farm income in 2002. The petition for relief under 11 U.S.C. Chapter 13 was filed on January 30, 2003….”

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The Debtors in this Chapter 13 proceeding, Field McConnell and Allison McConnell (the “McConnells” or “Debtors”)), entered into a contract for deed in 1991 for the purchase of 60.42 acres of land, on which their principal residence was situated (the “Property”). In 1997, the McConnells applied for and obtained a loan from NWA Credit Union (“NWA”) to pay off the contract for deed and obtain ownership of the Property. In their residential loan application, the McConnells did not disclose that the Property was used in farming operations; rather, the stated purpose of the loan was to “pay off higher interest non-deductible consumer debt and lower interest.” The McConnells expressly stated that the Property was their “primary residence.”

In addition to the McConnells’ residence, there are four large outbuildings on the Property that can be used in farming operations. The McConnells also own an adjacent 100 acres of mostly pastureland that is not subject to NWA’s mortgage. These two tracts comprise the McConnells’ entire homestead. The McConnells have engaged in some type of farming operation on the land since 1992, ranging from raising Angora goats for the production of mohair (from 1992 to 1997) to breeding registered British white cattle (from 1998 to the present). The McConnells’ schedules reveal that they currently earn approximately $2,187.50 per month in gross income as ranchers. Their primary source of income, however, is Field McConnell’s $15,149.83 in monthly gross income as an airline pilot for Northwest Airlines.




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To be continued…



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