Gabe Hoffman sues “Internet troll” Thomas Schoenberger for slander, libel and defamation in Palm Beach, Florida





With a reputation as an Internet gadfly and so-called general troublemaker, Thomas Schoenberger has been named in a defamation, libel and slander lawsuit filed by Gabe Hoffman in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The Florida complaint takes Schoenberger to task for insinuating that Gabe Hoffman is operating within some kind of Hollywood pedophile protection ring.  These accusations appear eerily similar (albeit about different parties) to those of David Charles Hawkins, a sidekick of CrowdSource The Truth.


Readers of this blog will recall that Hawkins has been making accusations about “pedophile protection rings” for over a decade.

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Above: Gabe Hoffman (l) and Amy Berg (r), film director (director of the film “An Open Secret”)






In the above video production Gabe Hoffman links Thomas Schoenberger to Cicada 3301




Many readers of this blog will recall that Thomas Schoenberger was a key witness in both the Robert David Steele lawsuit against Jason Goodman and the Aaron Rich lawsuit against Ed Butowsky.




According to Denise Matteau, Corpus Christi, Texas (a one time Schoenberger paid associate) Thomas Schoenberger worked with Manuel Chavez, III to create a “reputation destruction” service known as SHADOWBOX.  SHADOWBOX was an apparent infant company in Dallas, Texas contracted to assist Ed Botowsky.

Botowsky had interactions with both Schoenberger and Chavez (who operates a social media footprint known as DEFANGO and LARP WARS).  Chavez recently distributed video content with an hour hour long interview with Gabe Hoffman on or about September 19, 2019.

The SHADOWBOX initiative apparently involved Chavez, Schoenberger and an operative from the Democratic National Committee known as Trevor Fitzgibbon (circa Fall of 2017).







To be continued….



Above: Jason Goodman (Hollywood icon), defendant in slander, libel and defamation lawsuit


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