Jason Goodman accused of being a Satanist before 20K people while Magistrate Judge throws out “kitchen sink” litigation approach in slander, fraud and libel lawsuit


Anti-government conspiracy theorist Jason Goodman



Issuing an ORDER and an ENDORSEMENT on Saturday, 11/23/2019, seems to be out of the ordinary for Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron.  Nonetheless these documents were issued and docketed on Monday, 11/25/2019 (see below).

It appears the Magistrate Judge has blocked the entry of Jason Goodman’s “illogical and incomprehensible” legal theories that involve Manual Chavez, III, Robert David Steele, Stephen Biss (attorney for Steele), Mr. Biss’s wife (aka Tanya Cornwell) and the purported brother-in-law of Mr. Biss, Tyrone Simpson (aka Frank Bacon).  Also known as the “kitchen sink approach” and “decentralized, distributed defamation campaign monetized on Steemit.com” Goodman sought to introduce these out-of-scope issues (aka jumble of irrelevancies) into the proceedings.

Goodman, a self-styled “Hollywood film maker” with apparent connections to Brian Singer, is the founder of the conspiracy brand “CrowdSource The Truth“.  Goodman works with the founder of the ABEL DANGER conspiracy brand David Charles Hawkins (White Rock (South Surrey), British Columbia, Canada).

Goodman distributes anti-government extremist conspiracy theories and is heavily involved in the sovereign citizen activities of Larry Klayman, esq. who claims to be a “special prosecutor” for a “citizens grandy jury”.




U.S. District Court
Southern District of New York (Foley Square)


Sweigert v. Goodman
Assigned to: Judge Valerie E. Caproni
Referred to: Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron

Case in other court:  South Carolina, 2:18-cv-01633

Cause: 18:1962 Racketeering (RICO) Act

11/23/2019 110 ORDER: It is hereby Ordered that Defendant shall within thirty (30) days of the date of this Order answer the following interrogatories under oath and file his responses with the Court: 1.Defendant shall identify the names of witnesses with knowledge of information relevant to the subject matter of this action; and 2.Defendant shall set forth the existence, custodian, location and general description of relevant documents, including electronically stored information, and/or physical evidence, and as further set forth in the Order. (Signed by Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron on 11/23/2019) Copies Sent By Chambers. (Aaron, Stewart) Transmission to Docket Assistant Clerk for processing. (Entered: 11/23/2019)
11/23/2019 111 ORDER: Plaintiff shall respond to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss (ECF No. 106) no later than 12/31/2019. Defendant shall file any reply by 1/17/2020. The Court shall not consider matters outside the pleadings and thus the Court declines to treat the motion as one for summary judgment. See Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(d). The Clerk of Court is directed to mail a copy of this Order to the pro se parties. In addition, a copy of this Order will be emailed to the parties by Chambers. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron on 11/23/2019) Copies Sent By Chambers. (Aaron, Stewart) Transmission to Docket Assistant Clerk for processing. (Entered: 11/23/2019)
11/25/2019 Mailed a copy of 110 Order, 111 Order, to D George Sweigert c/o General Delivery Rough and Ready CA 95975 and to Jason Goodman 252 7th Ave, #6s New York, NY 10001. (vba) (Entered: 11/25/2019)

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Magistrate-order-Jason-Goodman-to answer-discovery




Southern Poverty Law Center web page on Larry Klayman





See video time mark at 5:51

To be continued….

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