BREAKING: Jason “drone” Goodman sues Steve Outtrim to block attempts to get his naked pictures in wild twist






In a bizarre twist, Jason Goodman now seeks to sue Steve Outtrim to prevent the discovery of his naked pictures.  Goodman, the co-founder of the conspiracy brand CrowdSource The Truth, claims to be a “Hollywood Film Maker” and often denies a friendship with director Brian Singer.


This serious accusation is typical of Goodman’s latest ramblings, as no such discovery request has been made in the slander, libel and fraud case in the Southern District of New York.

Goodman also opens up the Queen Tut controversy concerning a podcast.  Queen Tut is a stage name for Susan B. Holmes, the 60-something mother of a college student shot in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Holmes/Tut was a Goodman sidekick on his conspiracy theory podcasts.  Holmes was also friends with Oakey Marshall Richards, the F.B.I. contract informant that was the source of bad intelligence that shut down the Port of Charleston, South Carolina on June 14th, 2017 (known as the dirty bomb hoax).jason-goodman-slander-libel-2233

Queen Tut apparently reported on a Steve Outtrim podcast that Jason Goodman was exchanging pictures of his personal private parts with strangers over his cell phone while traveling with Trish “completely doxed” Negron in England.  The two flew together to England for what was rumored to be a quasi-romantic working trip.  Goodman denies that he was exchanging such pictures.

George Webb Patricia Negron and Jason Goodman conspiracy theorists all (2)

Then Goodman brings in his ole favorite all-purpose co-conspirator “Frank Bacon” aka Tyrone Simpson for another round at the great defamation conspiracy.



Above:  Queen Tut, aka Susan Holmes of Fort Collins, Colorado


Above: Tyrone Simpson, aka “Frank Bacon”





Goodman is mostly upset about being accused of having some association withe the Port of Charleston closure on June 14, 2017.  He then seems “all over the map” as he claims he was being set-up as a patsy for the Port Neches, Texas explosion a few days ago.



Above: Drone company CEO Goodman filmed from a drone

.jason-goodman---omb-larp (1)






click to download PDF of court document

Jason-Goodman-Naked-Pics-SDNY – Copy



To be continued…..





Meanwhile, investigative journalist Dennis Matteau of Corpus Christi, Texas issues anti-semitic rant.  See time-mark 12:21.







Above: Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada


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