Marcus Conte: New York trash cop “whistle blower” in 2017 facing charges for Port Neches, Texas bomb hoax call to F.B.I. in 2019




Back in the day (2017) Marc (Marcus) Conte was the toast of the town.  Conte, a former sanitation enforcement office in New York City had “blown the whistle” on sidewalk trash ticket quotas.  So much so, that local broadcast news gave Cone his 15 minutes of fame.


An investigation by ABC7’s Jim Hoffer uncovers what is believed to be ticket quotas being enforced against enforcement officers in New York City’s Department of Sanitation, leading resident and business owners to complain about bogus tickets.

The investigation, conducted through ABC7’s On Your Side program, surrounds former sanitation employee Marc Conte, who joined the sanitation with the intention of being a “green cop”, only to be fired after he refused to write bogus summonses driven by what he called “money.”

The Rookie Enforcement Agent started secretly recording his supervisor during roll call.

“I’ve seen some of the numbers. I’m not happy with. It’s going to fall back on me – they expect double digits,” said the Supervising Lieutenant.

And by double digits, Conte says, his supervisor expected him and the other agents to write at least 10 tickets every shift.

Hoffer spoke with business owners who also complained, Igor Legosdaed, a juice store manager, had to pay a $100 fine for obstructing the sidewalk, even though their sign was up against the store, nowhere near where people walk.









The golden era of being a whistle blowing trash cop seems to be giving way to a newer image of Marcus Conte as a habitual abusive caller of the Federal Bureau of Investigation  intake hotline (26 Federal Plaza, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10278) to report members of on-line social media that disagree with the Conte “trashing” of third parties.

Conte has created a cottage industry of distributing video content across his social media footprint of his countless calls to the F.B.I. at 26 Federal Plaza.  Interestingly, Court records of the New York Supreme Court reveal that Conte has a so-called “disability” related to “drugs and alcohol”; even though New York does not recognize such a cause of disability.



While not filming himself calling the F.B.I., Conte distributes video content of his numerous e-mail messages sent to the presiding and magistrate judges in the Jason Goodman slander, fraud and libel lawsuit pending in the S.D.N.Y.  Goodman is the “Hollywood film maker” and former Drone Company CEO that co-created the conspiracy brand “CrowdSource The Truth“.  Similar to the ill-fated ABEL DANGER conspiracy brand, Goodman pushes anti-government extremist deep state conspiracy theories.

New Court documents accuse Goodman and Conte of working together to obstruct justice with the barrage of e-mail messages sent to the federal jurists hearing the Goodman slander and libel lawsuit.



Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron, Southern District of New York




Conte’s “Dear John” approach to communicating with judges appears to have begun back in the day when Conte was attempting to gouge the Department of Sanitation for New York (DSNY) out of $100,000 for a discrimination complaint as he was “WHITE”.





N.Y. Penal Law § 240.50

Section 240.50 – Falsely reporting an incident in the third degree





Above: (l) Jason Goodman and (r) Marcus Conte


To be continued….



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