In startling releases of social media videos within the last 48 hours, George Webb has identified a three ring circus comprised of Jerome Corsi, Marcus Conte and Jason Goodman, co-founder of CrowdSource The Truth.

In uncharacteristic fashion, George Webb, YouTube journalist, called Corsi a “fake” and “phony”.  He pleaded with his viewers is disavow themselves of any support for Corsi.

Observers will recall that Jason Goodman was exchanging cell phone texts messages with Corsi on camera during the infamous June 14th, 2017 Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” in South Carolina.


ABOVE:  “Hollywood film maker” and alleged friend of Brian Singer, Jason Goodman seen texting messages to Jerome Corsi during the Port of Charleston YouTube broadcast

jason-goodman---omb-larp (1)

In previous statements on social media George Webb has accused Jerome Corsi of “setting him up” as the “fall guy” for the Port of Charleston debacle.  Observers will recall that Corsi apparently offered Goodman and Webb $8,000 a month to produce YouTube videos while the three were dining at the Harvard Club in New York City in July 2017.


Above: The Harvard club where Corsi, Goodman and Webb dined while discussing monthly retainers


Above: George Webb, Jason Goodman talking with Jerome Corsi in his New Jersey mansion


Above: Jerome Corsi acts as star witness in the Citizen’s Grand Jury against Robert S. Mueller, III while Jason Goodman acts as “official” court reporter.



Many observers will recall the Thomas Sickler affair that involved Jerome Corsi.


It’s Cool and Normal That the President Endorsed an Infamous Conspiracy Author Who’s Promoting a Cancer “Miracle”

December 18, 2018

Corsi urged his fans to donate to a GoFundMe for an individual named Thomas Sickler, who supposedly needed the money so he could be treated for bladder cancer at a Mendelsohn-run clinic. Ross, however, found that 1) Mendelsohn almost certainly does not exist and 2) his “clinic” is a paper company registered in Florida (where else!) to Thomas Sickler. From the Caller (tDCNF = the Daily Caller News Foundation):


There is at present no evidence that Corsi personally benefitted from Sickler’s GoFundMe, and the author suggested to Ross that he may have been “misled” or “bamboozled.” Of course, Corsi had previously said that Mendelsohn treated one of his relatives, and the day after Ross’s story was published, Corsi claimed to Regan in another Fox appearance that Mendelsohn in fact developed special medicine that cured Corsi’s spinal problems after a 2008 surgery. (“I haven’t looked into any of this,” Regan said. “I just know that I’ve talked to you and you tell me it’s not true [that Mendelsohn isn’t real.]” Journalism!) On Monday, Regan had Ross on her show and gave another update: Corsi now asserts, she says, that “Mendelsohn” is actually just “an alias that [the doctor] goes by.” Continued Regan: “I think [Corsi] was trying to protect this gentleman’s identity. He says the doctor’s real, he goes by a different name, he didn’t want his identity shared so publicly and on Twitter, etcetera.”




Was Jerome Corsi Complicit In A Go Fund Me Scam?

Posted: December 17, 2018 in NEWS

For the following reasons, I believe Jerome Corsi knowingly and intentionally engaged in wire fraud, theft, conspiracy to defraud,  and assisted in a scam that bilked $25,000 from his followers to endorse a cause he knew to be fraudulent. I do not say this lightly. I have been a fan of Corsi’s for several years, and own some of his well-researched books. I supported and defended Jerome Corsi when he was attacked by the “Q Anon” crowd in April of 2018 [I believe Q Anon is an absolute fraud and have posted quite a bit of evidence on my Twitter page to prove it]

Corsi Endorsed The Campaign With A Personal Testimony

Jerome Corsi claimed that his wife’s cousin was treated by this doctor in Israel. Even if the “doctor” (“Mendelsohn”) and the “cancer victim” (“Sickler”) (who may be the same person given that the organization’s medical practice website in Florida is registered in the “cancer victim’s” name) had “misled” Corsi, and were the ones scamming him, Corsi would’ve known that the practice was a scam once his wife’s cousin arrived in Israel and realized that no such doctor existed. That would likely make for one very angry cousin if she was truly suffering from cancer and traveled from Argentina to Israel only to find that no such treatment is available at the hospital where it is claimed to be practiced at, nor does the doctor exist who is claimed to be its champion.

Was Corsi Duped and Mislead by Dr. Mendelsohn and Thomas Sickler?

Corsi asserts that it’s possible that he was mislead or “bamboozled” by Sickler and the doctor, but that he genuinely believed that Sickler was a cancer patient and the Dr. Mendelsohn was a real doctor. HOWEVER, keep in mind it was Corsi’s claim that this doctor healed his wife’s cousin that gave credence to the claims of the medical treatment, and therefore, for the endorsement of Sicker’s campaign. That means that the narrative about Corsi’s cousin came BEFORE the campaign was started for Thomas Sickler. Hence, Corsi knew it was fraud before he started the campaign on Sickler’s behalf.


I am not only disappointed in Jerome Corsi as a long time faithful follower of his, but I am angry. Corsi has given the impression that he is a Christian, and has declared that he would not accept Robert Mueller’s plea agreement because he could not “lie before God and country” to something he knows to be a lie. And yet, it is obvious to me that Corsi lied about the Sickler/Mendelsohn Go Fund Me campaign. These kind of actions give other Christians a bad name, and it should be called out.

Was Jerome Corsi Complicit In A Go Fund Me Scam?



Statement on Behalf of Dr. Jerome Corsi Concerning Recent Article by Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller

The article by Chuck Ross in The Daily Caller is a clear and provable criminal grand jury leak of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his conflicted and “rabid” leftist, pro-Democrat, pro-Clinton and anti-Trump prosecutorial staff. By Ross telling Dr. Corsi that his source for the story was “inside information” from Mueller’s Special Counsel Office, Chuck Ross has made himself a key witness in Dr. Corsi’s $350 million lawsuit now before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, with an initial hearing now scheduled by Judge Richard J. Leon for January 3, 2019. It also proves conclusively that it is the Special Counsel who has committed crimes, not Dr. Corsi, as he has alleged in two complaints which Dr. Corsi has filed in recent days. Go to or to view these complaints.

Dr. Corsi is particularly sympathetic to cancer victims because of his painful experience with several different members of his family having suffered and died from this most dreadful disease.

Dr. Corsi contends that he did not make a penny from the $25,000 GoFundMe account he helped raise via Live Stream broadcasts for Tommy Sickler, a person Dr. Corsi was told and believes to be a legitimate cancer sufferer.




Above: Jason Goodman, defendant in slander, libel and fraud lawsuit, warns audience of an upcoming “Deep State Attack”.



Above: Cell text sent from Goodman to Webb


Above: 18 year old sending a text message










To be continued…..


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