Kooky Texas investigative journalist links Port Neches explosions to Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” placing Jason Goodman and George Webb under renewed suspicion




Denise Matteau, investigative journalist, now believes that Jason Goodman of CrowdSource The Truth and former sidekick George Webb had something to do with the explosions at Port Neches, Texas.

Matteau, of Corpus Christi, Texas, believes that Goodman and Webb may be under the threat of exposure by a blackmail and extortion ring.  She has stated in numerous social media videos, that she believes that George Webb is actively involved in compromising the security of military installations via excessive photography and drone flights.  She attributes this to a possible blackmail threat that may be hanging over George Webb’s head.

Webb has openly stated his intentions of flying drone equipment near military installations.  Oddly enough, Webb has been releasing a number of social media videos of his probing of the security of military bases and airports in Florida.


Above: George Webb promoting “TERRORLAND” near Patrick Air Force Base, FL


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Above: George Webb points out a spy satellite moments before launch time


Above: George Webb probes security at Blackwater Training Facility


Matteau has also noted in her videos that Jason Goodman,  “Hollywood film maker” and alleged associate of Brian Singer, was the former CEO of a heavy lift drone company.



Matteau has been busy “alerting officials” about the possible use of flame throwing drones to create the explosion at Port Neches, Texas.


A chemical plant exploded in this Texas town. Some residents want to ‘show grace.’

The petrochemical plant, located in Port Neches, Texas, owned by TPC Group, exploded at 1 a.m. on Wednesday, November 27, waking thousands of residents and injuring eight people. In the afternoon, a second explosion occurred. The explosions, which came weeks after the Trump administration rolled back a series of Obama-era chemical safety regulations targeted at just this sort of event, sent thousands of pounds of pollutants into the air, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, benzene, and butadiene. The town, blanketed with smoke and debris from the blast, was placed under multiple evacuation orders in the week that followed.


Above: flame throwing drone




To be continued…


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