George Webb accuses Jason Goodman of perjury in the Jerome Corsi Harvard Club affair




In the latest dust-up between George and Jason Goodman, “Hollywood film maker” and former associate of Brian Singer, perjury accusations are being thrown around.  Social media observers have been shocked by the recent crumbling melt-downs by both Jason Goodman and George Webb.

Many observers recall that Jason Goodman has complained about recent cell phone text message disclosures by Webb regarding text messages to Goodman by TINDER profiles identified as those of 18 year olds.



Now Goodman is denying the infamous meeting between himself, Webb and Jerome Corsi (who raised $25,000 via GoFundMe for a “cancer” victim named Tommy Sickler) at the ultra-exclusive Harvard Club in New York City.





Above: Jerome Corsi allegedly standing with “Tommy Sickler”, who received $25,000 for “cancer treatments”.

Dr. Corsi contends that he did not make a penny from the $25,000 GoFundMe account he helped raise via Live Stream broadcasts for Tommy Sickler, a person Dr. Corsi was told and believes to be a legitimate cancer sufferer.



  • Business records and evidence from social media raise questions about a cancer fundraiser touted during the summer by Jerome Corsi, the right-wing author ensnared in the Mueller probe.
  • Corsi helped raise $25,000 for an Alaskan man who he claimed needed surgery from an Israeli doctor named Eliat Mendelsohn. Corsi claimed Mendelsohn cured his own family member of cancer.
  • But business records show Corsi’s beneficiary, Thomas Sickler, registered as owner of Mendelsohn’s purported company. An Israeli hospital Corsi says is affiliated with Mendelsohn says it’s never heard of the doctor.


Jerome Corsi, the right-wing author ensnared in the special counsel’s probe, raised tens of thousands of dollars on his website and web show over the summer for an Alaskan man who claimed he needed experimental cancer surgery from an Israeli physician.

To help raise the funds, Corsi touted Dr. Eliat Mendelsohn, claiming the oncologist miraculously cured his relative’s stage-4 liver cancer. Corsi claimed on his website Mendelsohn would use similar techniques to try to cure Thomas Sickler, 33, of bladder cancer.


Into this commotion walked Dick Jefferson and Thomas Sickler, a 21-year-old self-described New York socialite, who had been at a nearby casino. Arriving at the roundabout, Jefferson says, he asked the primary attacker, who had not seen Jefferson until that instant, Whats going on? And thats all I remember until I was sitting there holding my head.

He too was hit with the tire iron, and Concialdi saw a guy stomp Dicks heada bunch. And kicked.

Sickler and several bystanders were calling the police, and, Sickler says, The crazy nigger with the tire iron was screaming at me with his terrible French accent, Who are you talking to? and I said, Oh, shit! I ran into this group of Europeans and said, Keep that fuckin nigger away from me!


Tommy Sickler donation article removed from “corsination” web-site.  Below is the text from the “wayback machine”.

Thomas Sickler

Written by Staff Writer

Please Pray & Donate

  • Cancer patient Tommy Sickler
  • “I was diagnosed w transitional cell carcinoma, more commonly understood as bladder cancer – a type of cancer that normally affects smokers – devastating to get this diagnosis since I am a non-smoker.”






Above: an apparently rattled Jason Goodman levels charges at George Webb


Above: George Webb dances around the accusation of perjury levels at Goodman


Allegations move past the “dirty old man” variety

These latest developments between Web and Goodman could create friction for Goodman, the co-founder of CrowdSource The Truth.  Thus far public allegations involving Goodman have orbited around the apparent TINDER dating of 18 year olds, possible interception by hackers of video content that may show Goodman masturbating on camera and other disturbing revelations.

George Webb lived with Jason Goodman at his swanky Chelsea apartment in Manhattan for about 4.5 months.



Above: former Goodman side-kick “Queen Tut”, aka Susan B. Holmes of Fort Collins, Colorado, claims she was told by another former sidekick Trish “the Dish” Negron that Goodman was exchanging naked photos of himself with others while traveling with her in England.


Above: former Goodman sidekick Trish Negron (co-defendant in Goodman slander, libel and defamation lawsuit in Richmond, Virginia).


Above: artwork created by Florida private investigator Bill Warner



A developing back-story seems to revolve around the former wife of Goodman and current wife of Jerome Corsi.  Both women appear to be non-American; e.g. Russian or Ukrainian.


Private life

Corsi has been married twice. His first marriage to Joy Dugan on May 8, 1970, ended in divorce. He married his second wife Monica in 1991.  He currently lives in Denville Township, New Jersey.


Corsi said that Stettner was questioned by the FBI in recent weeks because he has, on and off over the course of many years, helped fix Corsi’s computers. Of particular interest to the FBI agents, Corsi said, was a computer of his that Stettner wiped of all its contents in the weeks leading up to Corsi’s subpoena to testify before the special counsel’s grand jury in late August.

Corsi and his wife, Monica Corsi told ABC News in a recent interview following Stettner’s encounter with the FBI that Stettner wiped the computer because Monica Corsi wanted to use the computer for her New Jersey-based small business, rather than buy a new one. He said neither he nor his wife had nefarious intentions.




Above: Jason Goodman with Lee Stranahan, employee of two (2) Russian news outlets which are registered as foreign agents.s












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