Kooky Texas investigate reporter Denise Matteau wants Justin Hess Christmas double homicide case reopened




According to an investigative reporter in Corpus Christi, Texas the Justin “Woolee” Hess double homicide case should be reopened, as with her daughter’s murder investigation. Denise Matteau, 66 y.o., claims that there is a YouTube death cult that trolls the Internet for snuff video content.  Then the group uses debilitating humiliation through video content to have psychologically weak YouTubers kill their parents.

Most Internet observers believe Matteau is calling attention to Justin Hess.  Hess unloaded a 17 round clip from his AR-15 into his 61 y.o. mother on 6/9/17 in Roswell, Georgia 7 days before Christmas 2016.


A neighbor is revealing a chilling conversation with a man just moments after he killed his own mother.


COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A neighbor is revealing a chilling conversation with a man just moments after he allegedly killed his own mother.

Police believe 31-year-old Justin Hess shot and killed his mother, Carol Hess, at their home in east Cobb County on Saturday night.

Neighbor Lyle Newson said he had an encounter with the suspected killer moments after.


A man was recently indicted who police said shot his mother 17 times in their Marietta townhouse, killing her, before driving to Sandy Springs and stabbing an elementary arts teacher to death in December.

The grand jury made its decision about the double-homicide case facing Justin Paul Hess on March 9, court documents show.

Hess was arrested after about a two-hour police standoff at the townhouse where authorities said he shot his 61-year-old mother Carol Ann Hess.


According to Matteau two YouTubers are known for developing trauma based video content to torment targeted individuals, like Justin “Woolee” Hess.  Matteau refers to someone named “MONTEGRAPH” and “AGENT19” as puppet masters in an on-line death cult.  She believes that this cult is recruiting on-line followers to be groomed to carry out such gruesome murders.


Several YOU TUBE videos are surfacing about some guy that apparently called himself “Counter Tyranny OPS” on YOU TUBE who killed his mom and some other guy in Georgia.  I guess Dave Acton and others in what is called “the truther community” warned the sheriffs department about this person back in February 2016 based on some YOU TUBE VIDEO CONCERNS that they had and in regards to this guy’s behavior.  Now we have a load of videos about the following suspect who ended up killing his mother and some other man.  There are several names (aliases) to describe this suspect:


Matteau is seeking additional police resources to investigate this “criminal level terrorist death cult” before they recruit anymore mind-controlled killers like Hess.




The history of Justin Hess alleged “gang-stalking”











Above: Artist portrayal of CrowdSource The Truth



To be continued….

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