Online death cult exposed as Christmas double homicide case re-examined — The Justin “Woolee” Hess affair




Three years ago a former YouTube celebrity killed his mother and a high school teacher just days before Christmas.  Justin Hess, known as Justin Woolee on the Internet, shot his mother, 61 y.o. Carol Hess, with the same AR-15 semi-automatic rifle that he displayed on his video podcast patriot show.

Death cult researcher and expert Denise Matteau, 66 y.o. of Corpus Christi, Texas, has made a decade long study of death cults that operate online.  Her daughter “FAITH” fell victim to a death cult — according to Matteau — just like the one that pushed Justin Hess over the edge.

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Above: Denise Matteau appears on the Marcus Conte show

According to her comments on the Marcus Conte show (see above) Matteau exposed stalking gangs that bully individuals on-line.  According to her a few people that are carefully coordinating together.  Matteau reports that she was a cult member of a death cult in the 1990s in Massachusetts.



Above: Mother killer Justin “Woolee” Hess of Roswell, Georgia


Above: Some Internet observers blame the Hess murders on YouTube channels


Above: Justin Hess blaming YouTubers for not being able to attend Bundy Stand-off

In the above video Justin “Woolee” Hess identifies a YouTube channel as Montegraph and blames this channel artist for disrupting a ride offered to transport Hess from Roswell, Georgia to the Bundy Stand-off.



Matteau publishes dozens of videos on YouTube that are investigative reports into the death cult underground composed of criminal-level terrorists that hunt for victims like Justin Hess.  In past videos Matteau has alluded to YouTube channels Montegraph and Agent 19.


Above: Montegraph


Above: Hess was a fanatical supporter of the late LaVoy Finicum

Most Internet observers would classify Hess as a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist.  His doubts earned him an on-line reputation as Justin “Adam Lanza” Woolee, a reference to the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on 12/12/12.  Ironicly, Adam Lanza killed his mother with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, just like Justin Hess.




Above: a warm greeting to our Five Eyes viewers









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