Jason Goodman’s alter ego Marcus Conte sued for publishing death cult Christmas video




It has been discovered that Court documents have been executed on 12/19/19 to join Jason Goodman and Marcus Conte in a lawsuit alleging a combined and uniform smear campaign pushed by the pair and developed with the assistance of Manuel Chavez, III. 

New Court documents en route to the Southern District of New York in the Jason Goodman slander, libel and fraud lawsuit, implicate Chavez as the professional smear campaign adviser based upon his experiences with the Seth Rich murder investigation. 

Chavez assisted key client Ed Butowski, former FOX News contributor in Dallas, Texas.  Butowski needed “reputation defense” while addressing the Aaron Rich lawsuit.


According to Court papers, Chavez (of Carson City, Nevada) was the key architect to the latest “death cult” meme being pushed non-stop by Chavez associate Denise Matteau of Corpus Christi, Texas and Marcus Conte of Brooklyn, New York.

Court documents, accepted by the U.S. Postal Service on 12/19/19, allege that Matteau is a fake “death cult researcher” actress that portrays herself as an investigative journalist on Conte social media podcasts.


The smear campaign appears to include the infamous Port of Neches flame-throwing drone conspiracy that was apparently planned by this “death cult”.  Conte and Matteau are best known for creating a public panic that terrorists blew up the TPC factory at Port Neches, Texas.


Above: Artist portrayal of flame throwing drones attacking Port Neches, Texas

Similar messaging is pushed by David Charles Hawkins (White Rock (South Surrey), British Columbia, Canada) known as “dead pool betting“.  Both the death cult and dead pool narratives claim that “criminal-level terrorists” stage dramatic mass casualty incidents as part of a betting scheme.

Hawkins is the fading Jason Goodman sidekick who is the key player in the CrowdSource The Truth slander, libel, defamation and fraud lawsuit.

Conte published video content on 12/19/19 that accused former Chavez business partner Thomas Schoenberger of acting as the “puppet master” for a blackmail, extortion ring seeking useful idiots to conduct gruesome murders.  Conte has based his opinions on the fake “death cult research” of Denise Matteau and her staged appearances on Conte’s podcasts.


Above: Artist portrayal of Denise Matteau

Court documents reveal that Marcus Conte is a convicted 57 y.o. WHITE male that has a “drug and alcohol disability”.  Conte is fond of using all upper case characters when spelling the color white, according to exhibits of his court case against the Department of Sanitation for New York (D.S.N.Y.).


Above: Artist portrayal of Jason Goodman (l) and Marcus Conte (r)




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