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Thomas Schoenberger remains an elusive “will’o-the-wisp” within Internet circles.  It is almost as if the online reputation of “Doctor” Schoenberger aligns with the arch nemesis of Santa Clause, known as “Krampus”.  


Above: Artist portrayal of “Krampus”

Knecht Ruprecht (Krampus) is a companion of Saint Nicholas as described in the folklore of Germany. He first appears in written sources in the 17th century, as a figure in a Nuremberg Christmas procession.

According to tradition, Knecht Ruprecht asks children whether they can pray. If they can, they receive apples, nuts and gingerbread. If they cannot, he hits the children with his bag of ashes.[2] In other versions of the story, Knecht Ruprecht gives naughty children gifts such as lumps of coal, sticks, and stones, while well-behaving children receive sweets from Saint Nicholas. He also reported to give naughty children a switch (stick) in their shoes for their parents to hit them with, instead of sweets, fruit and nuts, in the German tradition.

Many Internet observers see “Doctor” Schoenberger as the self-appointed yuletide Internet equivalent of Krampus.  Schoenberger, who is presently the defendant in a slander, libel and defamation lawsuit filed by a hedge fund manager known as “Gabe Hoffman”, seems to wander social media hitting people with his bag of ashes.

Allegations of extortion and coercion have been orbiting “Doctor” Schoenberger for at least eight (8) months in the slander, libel and defamation lawsuit against Jason Goodman, the co-founder of CrowdSource the Truth.

Goodman accused Schoenberger of leading a ring of some type of online defamation and coercion gang.  These allegations are also repeated in the Jason Goodman slander, libel and fraud lawsuit in the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.).

Sneak peek of Schoenberger in Marcus Conte complaint

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marcus-conte-jason-goodman-slander-fraud-lawsuit – 12-19-19






Above: So-called “composer” Thomas Schoenberger in 2003


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Above: Elsebeth Nielsen Schoenberger



Elsebeth Nielsen Schoenberger, author of acclaimed novel, ‘Brigitte’s War’, A novel of the Danish Resistance, succumbed suddenly to lymphonic cancer August 12th.

Her novel was based on her life as a teenager with guns and bombs fighting Nazis.

The book was nominated for a prestigious European literary award and she and her husband, Louis Kaplan attended the ceremony in Denmark where she was awarded second prize in a field of fifty.


With masters degrees in English and literature she taught on a college level, wrote and lectured at UCLA and other local schools. Later in life she conducted wine tours in Napa Valley.

She is survived by her Husband Louis ,her sons Steven and Thomas and grandsons Max and Wolfgang.


A service is scheduled for 11am Friday, August 24 at Tulocay Funeral Home , 411 coombsville road in Napa.



Theodore L. Schoenberger, M.D., died Nov. 10, 2010, in Napa, following an illness. He was 87.  He completed both B.S. and M.D. degrees. He went on to complete postgraduate training in psychiatry and psychoanalysis under the auspices of the Los Angeles Institute of Psychoanalysis. He established a private practice in Encino, Calif., and later moved his family to Napa to accept a position as a staff psychiatrist at the Napa State Hospital until his retirement in 2006.









Those two are Napa-based North Bay Entertainment and Vallejo-based disc jockey and talent agent Randy Harris.

The dispute between the two involves a broken contract, the presence of a gun at a key meeting and what North Bay’s Thomas Schoenberger characterizes as professional rivalry.

Harris’ suit, filed in Sonoma County, seeks more than $48,000 in back commissions, interest and attorney fees based on a written agreement with North Bay that was consummated in 2002.


In court documents, Schoenberger blames Harris for the falling out and said he only entered the deal “because of mistake, fraud, duress or undue influence as a result of plaintiff’s expressed and implied threats of bodily harm to defendant.”

In an interview last week, Schoenberger said he is likely to file a countersuit against Harris.

Harris started working with Schoenberger’s North Bay Entertainment in 2000. In court papers Harris stated he was invited to join as an agent with the firm, but Schoenberger said in a document filed with the court that he was coerced into entering the deal.

Schoenberger claims to have entered into the contract only after Harris showed him a loaded gun, “and then presented the contract for defendant’s signature.”

Accounts of the gun incident vary greatly. In court papers, Harris said, “We both like guns, and he said he’d like to see it. It happened when I still worked for him. We went into a different office and drew the blinds, and I put it on the table.”

Harris said the Beretta .380 was not loaded, but Schoenberger says he considered it a threat and “turned white.”

The contract dispute is scheduled for a jury trial in Sonoma County Superior Court on Oct. 21 before Judge Knoel Owen. Schoenberger associate Eric Symons said a mediation session has been requested for July 7. A previous settlement offer of $7,500 went nowhere.

Those dates are almost certain to change since attorneys for both Harris and Schoenberger say they have potential calendar conflicts.


Above: Artist portrayal of public reaction




Above: Decoded “WE LOVE SDNY”


To be continued….





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