Recently, the level of involvement in so-called “gang-stalking” by a murky social media personality known as the “All Seeing Ewe” has received new interest.  Revelations in 2019 indicate that Kerry Wolf (All Seeing Ewe) was working with several individuals to target Nathan Stolpman, known on social media as “Lift The Veil”.  Much of these allegations orbit around something called the “Hampstead SRA” hoax.  In this context, SRA means satanic ritual abuse (SRA).

YouTube pulling the plug on Hampstead videos

About a week ago we noted that indiscriminate conspiracy believer Nathan Stolpman was complaining that his YouTube channel, “Lift the Veil”, seemed to be on its last legs, having suffered multiple strikes and takedowns within a few days.

We decided to assist YouTube in its efforts to to a bit of tidying up, and within a few days several of our readers reported that they’d been successful in having at least one of Stolpman’s Hampstead-related videos removed.

This was encouraging, but one of Stolpman’s “best sellers”, at ~210,000 views and climbing, was a video featuring the names and recent images of a protected witness and two children. This video seemed untouchable, despite multiple reports.

YouTube pulling the plug on Hampstead videos

A few weeks before the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” in South Carolina on June 14th, 2017, Stolpman re[ported that he believed he was being “gang-stalked” by certain parties that may have been affiliated with the “Hampstead SRA” community.




On Thursday 19 March 2015, the High Court released an astonishing judgment in the case of P & Q (Children: Care Proceedings: Fact Finding). Mrs Justice Pauffley of the family division found, after a hearing lasting 11 days, that: ‘There was no Satanic cult at which babies were murdered and children were abused.’

Twenty-one years after Professor Jean La Fontaine produced her report for the Department of Health, confirming the absence of any convincing evidence for the existence of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) in the UK, it is extraordinary that any court should have to conduct a similar inquiry. But it’s a sign of how unhinged British society has become on the subject of child abuse that the repetition of such far-fetched claims now warrants prolonged judicial scrutiny.

Stolpman, a known associate of Thomas Schoenberger, was identified by “HOAXSTEAD RESEARCH” as a “take down target” in May 2017, one month before the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax”.


Above: Accused gang-stalker Marcus Conte (l) interviews Nathan Stolpman (r)


Nathan Stolpman, the American loser who broadcasts live from his father’s garage, much to the embarrassment of his Siamese cat, has been in pig heaven this week. First he had a go at the Manchester bombing, putting up several videos in which he claimed (like every other troofer on the planet) that the whole thing had been made up by the Powers that Be, and you could tell this because the young people interviewed on camera in the bombing’s aftermath were just “too cute” to be actual victims. Because everyone knows that to be the victim of a terrorist attack, one must have a face like the back of a bus, right?

And yesterday evening he live-streamed yet another tedious video about the Hampstead SRA hoax, on the riveting topics of the tattoos and the medical reports. Nate, darling, you’re only two years behind the rest of your little troofer friends. Do try to keep up, there’s a love.

ACTION: Time to take down Lift the Veil

During this time, Stolpman’s administrative assistant — Kerry Wolf — was actively working behind the scenes to “ratchet up” harassment on Stolpman (“Lift The Veil”).  According to Kerry Wolf, she was the admin assistant for Stolpman for about five weeks, occurring during this period (April – May 2017).  Ms. Wolf is also an associate of Thomas Schoenberger.

It was during this time that Stolpman made public statements that he was under mental duress, being attacked by outsiders, that he was a “cyber-stalking” victim, etc.  Apparently, much of these “harassment” activities can be traced back to his formal admin assistant Kerry Wolf, who had unique access to Stolpman’s life.


I am entirely certain that everything Ms Draper, her partner Abraham Christie and the children said about those matters was fabricated. The claims are baseless. Those who have sought to perpetuate them are evil and / or foolish.

All the indications are that over a period of some weeks last summer [2014], P and Q were forced by Mr Christie and Ms Draper, working in partnership, to provide concocted accounts of horrific events. The stories came about as the result of relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse. Torture is a strong word but it is the most accurate way to describe what was done to the children by Mr Christie in collaboration with Ms Draper.

The children were made to take part in filmed mobile ‘phone recordings in which they relayed a series of fabricated satanic practices. Subsequently, at the instigation of Abraham Christie and Ella Draper, the children repeated their false stories to Jean-Clement Yaohirou, Mr Christie’s brother in law, in a late night discussion. It lasted for about three hours; Mr Christie and Ms Draper did most of the talking.




On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 10:22 AM, Kerry Wolf <> wrote:

After that, NS (Nathan Stolpman) decided that the only explanation for my continued trolling of him was that I MUST be demon-possessed and working for Ricky Dearman. He spent the next several months telling his audience his theories about that on an almost daily basis. He went so far as to put out my full name, address, and phone number and asked his viewers to come and visit my family. Then he tried to make it look like I was stalking him and attempted to get a restraining order against me. He lost that fight. Some people have suggested that I might have saved myself from the doxxing had I just let him get the last word. But that’s not me. I discovered a lot of very bad things about NS during (and after) my time volunteering for him. What you’ve been going through with him is pretty standard. He is the emotional Venus Flytrap of YouTube. I feel like I should explain that none of what I have ever done during this ordeal has been out of retaliation over a perceived personal offense. I have kept this alive for the sake of other people he has in the past, is currently, or will abuse in the future. He thrives on misery and chaos and if there is no actual drama at the moment, he will invent some. He does this because it’s good for business. His “Truther” channel has degraded into a showcase for his victimhood because victims get paid really well by Patreon donors. It’s that simple.


Back when I was his assistant, I had one other important duty. He had me scouring the web every morning for any new mentions of him by other creators (and their supporters) and reporting back so that he could keep the fires going. He also wanted me to go into his Discord and test his fans to see if they could be made to say anything bad about him. At the time, you were his main interest and we talked about you in DM a lot. He was always looking for new ways to fuck with you. His trip to DC was designed to propel his notoriety through a contrived confrontation. It was a success and I am ashamed for playing such a huge part in it. I was the one who encouraged him to talk to CFAU and Grace after the rally and like a stray cat, once they fed him, he moved right in. I feel like such an idiot for not seeing sooner that he is not a good guy. I really bought his how underdog routine and felt I could help bring out the best in him. Turns out there is no such thing. Since discovering that, I’ve made it my business to try to warn people when I see him headed their way. That’s how Manny and I became friends. (see below)

Anyway. That’s my story starring me and the the Wizard of Odd. I have lots to share with you and really want to make myself useful. As I mentioned before, there are several other heavy hitters working to get him off YT at the moment. One of them has been sending excellently worded letters to YT, Google, Patreon and Twitter, along with the SLO DA, SLO sheriff, and a handful of other legal organizations and individuals. He’s working on a big court case against NS and he feels like your efforts could be best spent on pressuring the sheriff to act. I wish I could put the two of you in touch but he’s really private so he doesn’t make himself available if he’s not sure it’s safe. If you’d like, I could forward your email address to him and encourage him to talk to you directly. I’m really kind of just riding shotgun at this point while guys like you are out doing the heavy lifting.

Manny is a purported reference to Manuel Chavez, III (aka “DEFANGO”) of Carson City, Nevada.


Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada


To: Dan Don, esq.
Office of the District Attorney
County of San Luis Obispo
County Government Center, 4th Floor
1055 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408
CC: Chief of Detectives
Detectives Division
San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department
1585 Kansas Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408
Attachments: CH-120 (5 pages)
To Whom It May Concern;
Please consider this letter a confidential submission. For my own safety, I must ask that you do not share its contents or disclose its source to Nathan Stolpman.
I am writing to you in support of David Sweigart. I do not know Mr. Sweigart personally but he has made his communication with you public and I felt compelled to speak up on his behalf. I am attaching my court documents from a recent civil harassment case that Mr. Stolpman brought against me earlier this month. He is falsely claiming that I am a Satanist, that I am demon-possessed and that I work for elite pedophiles in order to instigate “gang stalking” and “cyberbullying” against him. His TRO request was denied and so he served me with the date for the hearing to show cause. Judge Crandall dismissed the case.
I have met Mr. Stolpman in person. He was a guest in my home once and as his former assistant, I spent countless hours talking with him on the phone and through email, phone text and internet chat. In my experience, he is a paranoid conman with aspirations of fame and wealth. He uses his YouTube channels to pick fights with public figures and private individuals alike. He has a subscriber base of over 28,000 and he encourages them to attack the people he claims are “out to get him”.  He presents himself as the victim in each of these fights despite his own invention of them. One of his common tactics in these fights is to release his target’s personal information and ask his audience to visit, call, email, etc. He did that to me. He is currently offering a reward of $100.00 to anyone who can produce a photograph of Mr. Sweigart and announced Mr. Sweigart’s plan to attend a convention taking place this upcoming weekend. Mr. Sweigart prefers not to show his face in his own YouTube videos and so he has cancelled his plans to attend.
Mr. Stolpman claims to be mentally ill and uses that alleged disability as a means to excuse his actions. He says he has not been officially diagnosed with a specific disorder and talks openly about using methamphetamine to treat his symptoms. He is currently claiming he is bipolar but has also said in the past that he is schizophrenic and suffers from ADHD and PTSD. Mr. Stolpman’s original channel has been restricted from live-streaming after receiving numerous complaints from the online community. Because of that, he created a second channel, “Lift the Veil Too”. When that second channel was flagged for the same bad behavior, he created a third channel, “Lift the Veil Live”. Now that third channel has been flagged but he persists in picking fights and using his large social media platform to defame people. He collects donations from his audience to fund his work while living rent-free with his elderly widower father. Mr. Stolpman has said his actions are justified and shows no understanding for their impact on those who he abuses.
Please consider everything that I have shared with you when deciding how to proceed. Mr. Stolpman is a menace and his actions are extremely harmful. Since losing the civil case against me, he has stopped talking about me on his show. I am afraid that if he discovers I’ve involved myself this way with Mr. Sweigart’s case against him that he will resume his harassment of me. Despite that, I felt I needed to let you know that I agree with all Mr. Sweigart has to say on the matter and hope that he will be instrumental in getting Mr. Stolpman off YouTube.
Thank you for your time.
Kerry Wolf
4xx N Nevada Street
Oceanside, CA 92054

Caveat: Rumors are also circulating that Kerry Wolf is an associate of Tyroan Simpson <>, another associate of Thomas Schoenberger.  Tyroan Simpson is aka “Frank Bacon” on social media circles.  Nathan Stolpman publishes the following: PO Box 16473 Austin, TX 78761







Above: Manuel Chavez, III calls Kerry Wolf an alcoholic








To be continued…





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