Gabe Hoffman is a financial hedge fund trader in West Palm Beach, Florida.  He actively produced a documentary known as “An Open Secret” which exposed so-called Hollywood child sex rings that passed young teenage actors around.  According to tweets attributed to Hoffman, it seems Hollywood film make Bryan Singer was part of this “network”.


Interestingly, rumors orbited “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman about his association with Bryan Singer.  Apparently Goodman was a 3-D special effects director on one of Singer’s multi-million dollar full length feature film.  This fueled rumors in the early days of the conspiracy brand CrowdSource The Truth that Goodman may have had a questionable relationship with Singer.

X-Men director Bryan Singer has been dismissed from a sex abuse lawsuit (first reported by The Daily Beast) brought against him by an anonymous British actor who claimed he was a teen at the time of the abuse. “We are pleased the case was dismissed,” the director’s lawyer Marty Singer said. Singer filed a motion to dismiss the case several weeks ago, saying it had no legal basis and was improperly brought. The lawsuit is one of several brought against Singer and others accused of underage sex abuse—another suit, in Hawaii, is still pending.


Bryan Singer, the director and producer behind many of the “X-Men” movies and the newly Oscar-nominated “Bohemian Rhapsody,” has been accused of sexual misconduct toward minors and accused of rape three times. Singer has denied each accusation and has never been charged with a crime.

In a piece published in the Atlantic this week as a result of a 12-month investigation, reporters Alex French and Maximillian Potter spoke to four additional men who have never told their stories about Singer, as well as other alleged victims who have come forward in the past.

Two men say they had sex with Singer as minors. A third, Victor Valdovinos, says that he was repeatedly sexually molested by Singer on a movie set when he was 13 years old. The fourth man claimed that, as a teenager at parties, Singer “would ply people with alcohol and drugs and then have sex with them.” That man, Ben, said that Singer would “stick his hands down your pants without your consent” and had sex with Ben when he was a teenager.

The investigation also revisited other Singer accusers, including an unnamed man who claimed that when he was 16, Singer brought him to a VIP party, they got drunk, and then Singer took him to a hotel room and forced him to perform sex acts. The “John Doe” accuser filed the complaint, which Singer’s lawyers denied, and the case was voluntarily dropped.


On Wednesday, the magazine published the results of a year-long investigation into allegations against Singer, the product of interviews with more than 50 sources, including four accusers whose stories have not been told publicly until now. Two said Singer knew they were underage when he had sex with them but asked that their names not be published, citing fear of retaliation and privacy concerns.



By Variety

LOS ANGELES ⁠— Director Bryan Singer has agreed to pay $150,000 to resolve allegations that he raped a 17-year-old boy in 2003.

Cesar Sanchez-Guzman filed a lawsuit in December 2017 in which he alleged that the director had sexually assaulted him during a yacht party in Seattle. Sanchez-Guzman claimed that Singer performed oral sex on him against his will, and anally penetrated him. Singer denied the allegations.

In a filing on Wednesday, a bankruptcy trustee recommended that the court approve a $150,000 settlement with Singer.



Above: alleged photo of Bryan Singer


Above: Co-founder of CrowdSource The Truth “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman



Over two years ago Jason Goodman made a series of blunder video podcasts where he has appeared to incriminate himself for making video content of himself masturbating.  Goodman published podcast videos warning his audience that a “hacker” may have obtained this possibly humiliating video.  Goodman insisted it was part of some “ransomware plot”.  Another startling revelation was that Goodman might have as many as 500 naked photographs of himself on a laptop computer that was “hacked”.  Also, George Webb, Goodman’s former podcast sidekick, claimed Goodman routinely received texts from 18 y.o. teenagers via the TINDER dating app.  Such developments fueled a series of Internet memes.


Above: Jason Goodman drinking from the so-called “slander cup”

jason-goodman-slander-libel - Copy

Jason Goodman is a defendant in a slander, fraud and libel lawsuit in the Southern District of New York (SDNY).  Interestingly, Goodman continuously cites a shadowy Internet figure in court documents known as “Thomas Schoenberger“, a music composer from Napa County, California.  It is alleged that Mr. Schoenberger, a sort of an alt-right talent agent, facilitated the interview of #PedoWood researcher on the Isaac Kappy on the Nathan Stolpman “Lift the Veil” social media podcast.  It seems Gabe Hoffman has accused Thomas Schoenberger of acting as the so-called “handler” of Isaac Kappy.

Screen Shot44rrr at 10.20.13 AM





A vicious and seemingly never-ending feud between Thomas Schoenberger, Manuel Chavez (Defango), and Arturo Tatoyovsky (Lestat).

Within this feud which seems to consume anyone who happens across it, is the perpetual back-and-forth accusations of theft, slander, blackmail, gangstalking, and illegal wiretapping. There are even open accusations of curses (The Judas Prophecy), witchcraft, and spiritual warfare. Most disturbing, however, is the accusation that each of the others is responsible for contributing to the orchestrated mental breakdown and eventual death of Isaac Kappy.

Defango was the first to come out on May 14th and blame Thomas S. for the mental breakdown of Isaac and made the claim that Thomas had been breaking his mind and purposefully dragging him into a psychotic episode. Lestat has maintained too that Thomas is some sort of mind slayer, who uses sorcery to torture people and get them to commit suicide or kill others. And lastly, Thomas S. holds that the Judas curse/prophecy, which was meant for Defango, was transferred to Isaac via witchcraft by Lestat who is a “Known Satanist and pedophile.”


Isaac and the Judas Prophecy

This is where the death of Isaac Kappy enters a realm where social media, religion, psyops, and the paranormal all converge. It is also the first and perhaps the best opportunity for law enforcement/investigational authorities to begin questioning those who may have had a hand in Isaac’s death, as here we find consistent and well-documented accusations that Isaac was the recipient of a deliberate and concentrated online gang stalking campaign. Each party has publicly accused the other of deliberately manipulating Isaac in an attempt to recruit him to their side of the feud/gangstalking campaign. What’s more, everything has been recorded and archived on social media platforms, emails, text messaging, and recorded phone calls and the players involved are involved in ancillary legal matters which also tie in with the work Isaac was doing. (See Seth Rich)

According to Thomas Schoenberger Lestat had three photos of Judas in his house and had a strong connection with the archetype. According to Thomas Lestat was into Enochian magic and practices witchcraft quite heavily. Thomas believes the transference was made through witchcraft by Lestat to Isaac.

Thomas Schoenberger has alleged that his former business partner Manuel Chavez, III had a hand in some kind of gang-stalking operation.  Apparently Schoenberger was to be set up as a “patsy” for Kappy’s death.  Somehow Chavez (aka DEFANGO, aka DANGER ZONE) organized an alleged cyber-stalking campaign via the use of “paid trolls“.   Some believe that Schoenberger had brainwashed Kappy to believe that he was actually Judas the traitor.  Thus a reference to the “Judas prophecy”.


Above: alleged video content of Isaac Kappy which included murky allegations against Gabe Hoffman

It seems curious to many that the same Thomas Schoenberger that is alleged to be the handler of Isaac Kappy, is the same individual that Jason Goodman accuses of running a “distributed decentralized and monetized defamation” ring.  The curious use of such legal jargon by Goodman leave some to wonder if Goodman is describing a blackmail and extortion network, or a “sick twisted shakedown“.



Gabe Hoffman has recently filed a slander, defamation and libel lawsuit against Thomas Schoenberger in the West Palm Beach state court in Florida.  It appears to be a concern that Thomas Schoenberger was presumably acting as a so-called “puppet master” who was directing Isaac Kappy in coordination with Nathan Stolpman (“Lift the Veil”).  This may have been the behind the scenes techniques used to control an alleged “sick twisted shakedown” (to use Hollywood film maker Bryan Singer’s words).


Above: Thomas Schoenberger critic and Isaac Kappy defender “SkarkBellyKelly”




Thomas Schoenberger

Thomas Schoenberger, (more on Thomas in cicada 3301) has made no secret about his believed physic abilities. He also claims to be the recipient of “prophecies” on an irregular yet consistent basis throughout his entire life. Some of which have been documented prior to them coming true. According to Nathan Stolpman from the YouTube channel Lift The Veil, Thomas has even predicted other events such as a tornado in Oklahoma and the burning of Notre Dame.


Mr. Whalen claims to be an SRA victim who also later happened to get mixed up in the above mentioned Voodoo Donuts Scandal/Conspiracy. Shortly after Isaac came out on the Lift the Veil show in late July of 2018 Mr. Whalen contacted LTV himself and went on the air to tell his story.

Shortly after this show, people began sending Mikey money via Paypal. Thousands of dollars. This account was eventually terminated by Paypal because they saw the obvious fraud going on. Much of this was returned to the senders. So Mikey developed other revenue streams.

Isaac and Vegan Mikey

Let me say out the gate that it is no secret that Isaac was a horrible judge of character. He knew that and his friends knew that. That’s why he employed the help of Brett and Geo to set up secured social media networking hub and vet members as they came in. Isaac saw the best in people, and that is how Vegan Mikey came to exploit him.

After the death of Isaac, Mikey portrayed their friendship as if they were best friends, but this is not the case. Quite Frankly because Mikey never put any time into Isaac. Isaac had taken Mikey under his wing and brought him into the Famalam where he could make friends and get the support that he claimed he needed. Isaac himself gave Mikey money on a regular basis, as he was always in need of food, bill money, rent, EVERYTHING.

It is apparent now in hindsight that Mr. Whalen latched on to Isaac in an attempt to add to his regular grifting income. Isaac was making big waves throughout Hollywood and the country for that matter and Mr. Whalen saw an opportunity to exploit his experience with Voodoo donuts. However, in the end, Isaac believed VM to be a drug addict.





Above: Flag of New Mexico




Above: decoded “WE LOVE SDNY”







To be continued ….

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