Insinuations of a murder for hire plot are just part of the allegations in a new lawsuit filed in the state courts serving West Palm Beach, Florida, by Gabe Hoffman.  Hoffman is a hedge fund trader that produced a film known as “The Open Secret” that examined child sex rings in Hollywood.

Familiar names are included in the complaint — to include Thomas Schoenberger, a purported convicted gang-stalker, and his former business partner Manuel Chavez, III.  Allegations linger that Hoffman hired Chavez (aka DEFANGO on social media) to run a distraction campaign to cover the tracks of Kappy’s killer.  Supposedly Kappy was killed for blowing the whistle on Hollywood pedophile elites in a scandal known as #PedoWood.

Kappy accused actor Tom Hanks of playing a key role in these alleged networks.



Isaac Kappy is a name that has been floating around internet forums for the last few weeks after he accused actor Seth Green, amongst others, of being part of an underground Hollywood pedophilia ring, though he has since provided zero evidence to back up his claims. Over the past few days, he has been ramping up his social media posts to continue and accuse Green of being a child abuser, along with some big name Hollywood stars, some of which are just too unbelievable, including Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Stephen Colbert, Bill Clinton, and Claire Grant. However, the tables have turned on Kappy, who is reportedly now under investigation by the LAPD for allegedly choking Paris Jackson at a party, threatening gun violence on social media, and harassing Green and his wife.

A Reddit thread about Isaac Kappy’s recent behavior was started, and it warns people to “be very careful” when dealing with him. The thread goes on to say that Kappy has been linking himself to other actors that he doesn’t really know while also trying to “vet” people who are trying to help him with anonymous sources to dox others. Kappy originally made his claims on Periscope, but insists that he’s been talking about the Hollywood pedophile ring for years. While he was an actor at one time, he claims he’s been mostly blacklisted, and has given it up. He currently makes money as an artist in Silverlake. But in the last few videos he released, he hinted that he was on house lockdown for fear of his life.


Rumors on the Internet indicate that Schoenberger predicted that Chavez would die on May 14th, 2019 due to a “JUDAS PROPHECY”.  Schoenberger has claimed special psychic powers and the ability to drive individuals into suicidal depression.  Instead of Chavez dying on the date, Isaac Kappy died instead.  This has fueled conspiracy theories that Schoenberger is a male witch that works closely with Kerry Wolf  (aka All Seeing Ewe) a purported witch.  See JUDAS PROPHECY.



Above: Manuel Chavez, III addresses allegations in a video podcast


Above: Chavez filed a restraining order against Schoenberger


Above: Purported witch Kerry Wolf, aka All Seeing Ewe



Above: Nathan Stolpman (l) (aka Lift The Veil) has said “he loves” Kerry Wolf (r)


Above: Alleged Satanist Marcus Conte (l) interviewing Nathan Stolpman (r) on his podcast show on 3/11/2019.




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To be continued….


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