Cyberstalker troll feud: Why the Internet must pay for the sins of the Manuel Chavez, III and Thomas Schoenberger




Forces apparently are operating on the social media sphere with the objective to make any experience in learning new information a miserable one — that could cost someone their job, spouse, or life.

Threatening opposing forces are drawn up in many factions ready and willing to destroy any innocent party that fits a “narrative”.  If children are supposedly being raped at a homeless camp in Arizona and Person A doesn’t believe it, then Person A must be destroyed (reputation, career, family, suicide, etc.).


Above: Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada

It keeps the social media travelers in line, to know that asking the wrong question in a comment box can destroy your life.  There are attack teams pre-positioned and ready to pounce on the next unsuspected bystander at a moment’s notice.



The private business dealings of two social media “trolls” is only one example.  Social misfits Thomas Schoenberger (Inglewood, California) and Manuel Chavez, III (Carson City, Nevada) continue to develop opposing sides to some private dispute over two years ago.  Both had a falling out over something created for Democratic National Committee operative “Trevor FitzGibbon”.

Chavez is well known for endorsing a social media channel that depicts gruesome murders of his rivals; to include scenes of execution, death by fire, beaten to death, etc.   Schoenberger is usually featured in this “snuff films”.

Chavez appears to be experienced in the alleged coordination of online social media smear campaigns projected through proxies and other asymmetric means.  Chavez maintains several social media channels such as: DEFANGO, LARPWARS, DANGER ZONE, etc.



Above: Typical shadowbox social media accounts used by Chavez



Above: Alleged Chavez pal Trevor FitzGibbon (DNC operative)

Manuel “Manny” Chavez, III is essentially a 33 y.o. who is more a less a gamer on social media that has political motives.  Manny’s aspirations of being taken seriously are challenging him as he blogs from the room provided by his “patron”.  However, the potential ability of Chavez to organize on-line social media smears hangs like a cloud over the heads of the so-called critics of Chavez.

It isn’t very hard to find social media personalities that report they have been betrayed, lied about and attacked by Manny, aka DEFANGO, aka DANGER ZONE, aka LARP WARS.  However, many observers believe that Manny (DEFANGO) is well versed in “video troll assault mode” (to include threatening to call the job site of his critics).

Manny works hard at distancing himself from his old chums that orbited the former Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) officer Robert David Steele.  At one point in the fall of 2017 Manny had instant e-mail access to Steele and his associates, to include Steele’s attorney Steven S. Biss, esq., the spouse of Biss (Tanya Cornwell) and the purported brother of Biss’s spouse “Frank Bacon”, aka Tyroan Simpson.


Above: alleged photograph of Thomas Schoenberger




Manny doesn’t like to be connected with his old friends as they have all been named as co-conspirators in a scheme to defame, slander and libel Jason Goodman, the so-called “Hollywood film maker” that Chavez accused of being a paid operative of “BLACK CUBE” a Mossad intelligence agency spin off.  Goodman is the co-founder of the conspiracy brand “CrowdSource The Truth”, responsible for the closure of the Port of Charleston, South Carolina on June 14th, 2017.

Jason Goodman called me in a rage today. He may be feeling the pressure from the impending lawsuit where he is named a defendant in a suit brought by Robert David Steele, a decorated ex marine and former CIA case officer.

Or he could be feeling the heat because Arnan Milchan is being indicted by Israel and rumors of Goodman’s ties to Milchan have been around for a year.

Goodman screamed at me, and dared me to show him any evidence that he is linked to Mossad. I calmly explained to a very triggered Goodman that video evidence of him and his former partner George Webb are all over YouTube. He then screamed that George Webb was a con artist, a liar, a mental case and so on. Jason also attacked Trish the Dish and RDS, and seems to accept no responsibility for the mess he is in. I would have advised him as a lawyer to change the venue to NYC, but he is representing himself Pro Se and you know what they say about a person who represents himself. I could not follow everything he was saying, something about Weiner’s and Black Dudes or Black Cubes. He was AlphaTriggered. I wished him best of luck in his endeavors.




As of late, it appears Manny is trying to shake off the smell of the Steele, Biss, Simpson, Schoenberger and Cornwell crowd.  Although allegations still swirl in several different lawsuits about the alleged misconduct of Chavez, he appears able to shake off some of his dirt onto others.  Manny seems to transfer his dirt onto others and move ahead smartly with another re-invention of himself.  After all, these unfavorable bits of information are not Manny’s problem, they are the problem for the Internet.

Like so many multi-national corporations, Manny seems to believe that he can merely “socialize” his shortcomings and negative information onto unsuspecting third parties.  Once these parties protest, Manny appears successful in directing a dozen or so “Steemit trolls” to attack the person with gruesome rumors and disgusting slander.

This is all done to apparently cause the individual enough emotional distress that they leave the Internet for good.  If they “don’t get the message” then Manny can allegedly “turn the screws” and create calls for action for the destruction of the target — usually by “suicide” as in the case of Isaac Kappy.  Manny has a notorious reputation for telling people to “off themselves” (kill themselves).







Rumors circulate on the Internet that at one time the alleged habitual liar Chavez was enrolled in a divinity school of some sort.  The nature of the supposed school is unknown, and may be only a “send in $20 bucks to be a minister” scam.  However, the rumors persist that Manny is dealing with his own inner turmoil about the person he has now become.


Above: “Frank Bacon” (l) and Manny (r)






To be continued….


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