SDNY dockets Marcus Conte’s letter motion to intervene in Jason Goodman slander, fraud and libel lawsuit




The Southern District of New York (SDNY) has docketed the recent letter from Marcus Conte, Brooklyn, New York, to intervene in the Jason Goodman libel, fraud and defamation lawsuit.

Conte is the purported former Jason Goodman side-kick who struggled with Goodman’s pink umbrella while the two “bumped into each other” at the SDNY.  This created an Internet meme known as the Jason Goodman pink umbrella incident.


Above: Conte describes his attack from Jason Goodman

Conte apparently has a history of seeking cheap publicity stunts to prop up his social media footprint.  Last year Conte accused George Webb, YouTube journalist, of murdering Webb’s sidekick — Jenny Moore (aka Task Force).

Now Conte has filed a letter with the SDNY seeking to “intervene” in the case in which Jason Goodman is a defendant.

01/08/2020 136 LETTER from Marcus Conte, a non-party, dated 1/2/20 re: LETTER MOTION TO MAGISTRATE JUDGE STEWART D. AARON/ REQUEST TO FILE MOTION TO INTERVENE PER F.R.C.P. RULE 24. (sc) (Entered: 01/13/2020)

The document is available via PDF below




Above: Jason Goodman (l) and Marcus Conte (r)


Above: Conte (l) following Goodman in a social media live stream at the SDNY, watched by “Michael Moore” (r) of West Chester, Penn. (aka Thomas Paine).  Moore is a sidekick on Goodman’s “CrowdSource The Truth”


Above: A Conte report on Thomas Schoenberger


Above: Marcus Conte as former employee of Department of Sanitation of New York (DSNY).  Conte claims in court documents he was discriminated against because he was “WHITE”.



Above: Jason Goodman drinks from the so-called “slander cup”


Above: Defendant Jason Goodman






To be continued…

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