Condolences to Manuel Chavez, III (aka DEFANGO) whose step-father killed himself after an arrest for child molestation of DEFANGO’s niece




Social media circles were rocked when it was learned that the step-father of Manuel Chavez, III (Carson City, Nevada) killed himself after an arrest for child molesting (apparently Defango’s niece).


Above: Manuel Chavez, III revealed facts in podcast content








To be continued…


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4 thoughts on “Condolences to Manuel Chavez, III (aka DEFANGO) whose step-father killed himself after an arrest for child molestation of DEFANGO’s niece

  1. It would have been nice to have seem the victim give permission to Manure Chavez before he made the story public.Her parents should have also been consulted. And why would Chavez claim he had a discussion of pedophilia with a 15 year old girl like she was 10? At 15, most girls know the danger of pedophilia.Finally, after Manny said he was going dark, he sprung back, unwilling to pull himself from the spotlight,and he went to his newest best ally, Marcus Clueless

  2. Hi Dave. This is Thomas. I have not been implicated in many lawsuits, I reached out to Aaron Rich’s attorneys to help through a third party, an attorney who was also harassed by Ed Butowsky.Gabe’s suit against me is bogus. Florida courts always have in personam jurisdiction over Florida residents. However, if a party is from outside the state, a Florida court will have in personam jurisdiction only if the party has sufficient contacts with the State of Florida, in accordance with Florida’s long arm statute. Finally, do not be conned by Manny’s innocent charade. He was behind DopeyDave, along with Marcus and Ewe. There was a purposeful campaign to demonize me.Jackie did not do her homework. I know you do. This is a discord drop that “Lestat” dropped days before Christmas, proving Manny was paying for attacks. I can also assure you Manny paid to have you attacked by Denise and Marcus. Thats why Marcus deleted videos, and why Fkn Freddy did as well. I am sure you will find this most interesting.–AuJESpKCcwItzLfwNluc7lE4Ag-Mn0qLQdsfNvGebYT1dzi8

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