Jason Goodman, alleged “Hollywood film maker”, has teamed up with his newest sidekick, “Bishop” Larry Gaiters, to take on the Church of Scientology. 

“Bishop” Larry Gaiters spends many podcasts with Jason Goodman in a tortured explanation of various religious terms and vocabulary.   Titles include: “SCIENTOLOGY; THE THIRD OPIUM WAR OF DECEPTION.”

Essentially (and allegedly) “Bishop” Larry Gaiters rolls a witchcraft theme into anything to do with DIANETICS.  Gaiters explores the mind of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, in his CrowdSource The Truth podcasts. The Church of Scientology is science fiction,” is a typical Gaiter comment.

Jason Goodman is presently a defendant in two federal lawsuits for allegations related to slander, defamation and libel.



Bishop Larry W. Gaiters’s Page

Profile Information

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Toronto, (Montreal)
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End Time Age Deliverance Ministries Worldwide, Inc
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Trinity Evangelical Seminary
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Presiding Bishop & Prelate of End Time Age Deliverance Ministries Worldwide, inc – Toronto, Ontario Canada which oversees 2000 Churches Worldwide in (20) Countries.

I’m a ‘Contract Assassin Representing The Kingdom of Christ’ in destroying every work of satan on earth through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Host of ‘Global Spiritual Revolution Talk Radio’ (Monday-Friday 2:00pm – 3:00pm) on Blog Talk Radio

Favorite Preachers:
The Lord Jesus Christ Himself!


“Bishop” Larry Gaiters goes on to explore, in his Jason Goodman podcasts, relationships between Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard.  Many observers believe that the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California is a tribute to the “Jack Parsons lab”.


Scientology is a church founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in the early 1950s. The church has about 10 million members worldwide.



One of our eagle-eyed researchers spotted a stunning photo on Facebook yesterday, and any Diana Hubbard sighting is worth a double-take.

The oldest child of L. Ron Hubbard’s marriage to his third wife, Mary Sue Whipp, Diana Hubbard is the last member of the Hubbard family who is still an active member of the Church of Scientology. She’s 67.

For decades she’s spent most of her time as a hardcore Sea Org member living at Scientology’s secretive 500-acre international management headquarters near Hemet, California known as Int Base or Gold Base.

Despite her notoriety as a Hubbard family member, however, she does not hold an important position in Scientology hierarchy. Guy White, who was once married to Diana’s sister Suzette and is father to three L. Ron Hubbard grandchildren, recently went public with what he saw, which was the shabby way that Scientology leader David Miscavige treated the Hubbard family after the death of Ron in 1986.

Mary Sue died in 2002. Her daughter Suzette and son Arthur live in Los Angeles, but neither of them are active with the Scientology organization.







My storyboards indicate that Ross, Baginski and Sunstein are moving prisoner/parolees through Serco’s hacked-intelligence tunnels to control CSI outcomes, for example, to protect the identity of the patent custodians associated with the Novichok nerve agent which poisoned former Russian military officer and double agent for the UK’s intelligence services, Sergei Skripal in March 2018 in Salisbury, England, or the heavy metals (arsenic and thallium) which poisoned  Bishop Larry Gaiters (see below) in a Spanish restaurant in Queens N.Y. in February 2019, and rewarding hackers with a share in carbon credits expressed in the weight of carbon saved after splitting dead-pool CSI data between ‘client’ communities:

“Received from Bishop Larry Gaiters by David Hawkins at hawks_cafe on 29 Apr at 09:46

Hi David,

The following was found in my blood stream: Thallium and Arsenic:
The antibiotical treatments that is being administered to me is DMSA – Dimercaprol and Dimervaptoduccinic by mouth including Potassium Ferric or some call it prussian blue by mouth – Pradaxa to prevent blood clots in my body.

What is so sickening about my case David is that they also found a very small trace of rat feces that was in my blood stream as well.

I was on dialysis for 45 days to remove the poisons, infections and toxins from my blood.

I may have to continue dialysis for a while.

Back in February a mixture of both Coumadin and Pradaxa was administered by mistake twice! according to nurses and my doctor (Interesting). ……………………….







To many observers this “Bishop” seems to aimlessly ramble on in the style of George “word salad” Webb, who frames disjointed and disconnected concepts into a smoothed out conspiracy.










Above: Jason Goodman drinks from “the slander cup”

To be continued…


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