Field McConnell incident dusts off 2012 “child rescue and pedo hunting” scandals at Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, AZ







Once hidden, the now infamous “Laura Alexander” nuclear doxing holocaust video has  resurfaced on the Internet.  In this video, the speaker talks about a terabyte sized computer file with comprehensive dossiers on dozens of social media personalities; including Manuel Chavez, III (formerly a life long resident in Arizona), Carson City, Nevada and Denise Matteau, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Supposedly the terabyte sized file was to be turned over to law enforcement for investigation and forensics.  The video podcast speaker also identifies so-called pedo child snuff film rings operating in Arizona.

Matteau has accused “Laura Alexander” of allegedly running a hoax like other “child rescue and pedo hunting” scams.  According to Matteau, in a social media podcast released to counteract the “Alexander” video, there is a self-identified group operating as a “child rescue ring”.  Matteau says Alexander is in such a ring.

These latest developments are an eerie flashback to other so-called scandals related to “child recovery” services in Phoenix, Arizona.





Joe Arpaio’s David Hendershott, Now Licensed Private Investigator

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s disgraced former enforcer David Hendershott may no longer be the sheriff’s chief deputy, he may stand accused of all manner of misconduct and ill-deeds during his tenure at the MCSO, but he was still able to score a license to be a private investigator from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The erstwhile county kingpin is listed as “owner” in the ad. The “products and services” offered include “child abduction recovery,” “video and photographic surveillance,” and “cheating spouse.”

That “child abduction recovery” line is particularly rich considering that an audit by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department into MCSO improprieties slammed Hendershott for, among other things, halting an internal probe into the MCSO’s failure to investigate sex crime cases in El Mirage.

The issue is described in the PCSO’s report as, “Inappropriate termination by David Hendershott of an internal affairs investigation related to the adequacy of sex crimes or other investigations performed by MCSO for the El Mirage Police Department.”


Arpaio fires 2 top aides, including Hendershott, after probe


Chief Deputy David Hendershott, the man who came to embody the infighting that has disrupted Maricopa County government during the past three years, has been fired along with another of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s top aides following a misconduct investigation.

In letters delivered to Hendershott and Deputy Chief Larry Black on Friday afternoon, a sheriff’s official said Arpaio decided to fire the two longtime employees based on the findings of a six-month probe, conducted by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, into allegations including mismanagement, nepotism and obstruction of a criminal investigation. Babeu’s investigation was triggered by a 63-page internal memo detailing a long list of questionable behavior among top Sheriff’s Office employees.

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