Incompetent bunglers at Massachusetts Medical Examiners Office block the progress of locating the “QAnon” killer



As if chasing the proverbial “one armed man” in “The Fugitive” drama series, many Internet observers are coming together to crowdsource the crime scene.

Crowdsourced crime-solving is not exactly a new idea. Intelligence groups have always used tip hotlines in order to get crowdsourced help about crimes, possible suspects, or evidence. For example, in 2007 the Boston Police Department launched a Text-A-Tip hotline. In April 2013, the month of the Boston bombing, the hotline received 333 texts. And those 333 texted tips paled in comparison to the activity happening on Reddit, a crowdsourced online content aggregator.

A self-described expert in reverse crime scene engineering is Cambridge educated “forensic economist” David Charles Hawkins (South Surrey (White Rock), British Columbia, Canada).  David Hawkins (a former sidekick of Field McConnell, founder of the conspiracy brand “ABEL DANGER“) has claimed the development of a method that can be leveraged to solve crimes using “reverse engineering”.  Presently, David Charles Hawkins is a side-kick of “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman, co-founder of the CrowdSource The Truth conspiracy brand.





There appears to be significant Interest in the social media community to solve the “murder” of Sojourner Faith Jackson, the 34 year old that allegedly committed suicide at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst on August 26, 2010.  In theory, these reverse engineering crime scene investigative techniques can resolved the murder/suicide mystery that lingers over the death of Sojourner.

For instance, final grades were due on August 23rd, 2010 and the potential exists that Sojourner killed herself on the 24th and that campus police found her body on the 26th.  Another great example of reverse engineering the crime scene.



Above: the alleged daughter of Denise Matteau, Sojourner Faith Matteau Jackson, “killed” August 26th, 2010

According to UMASS-Amherst campus police reports, officers were dispatched to Apartment 408A for “an apparent” suicide on August 26, 2010






EXCLUSIVE: UMASS releases police report on the suicide death of Denise Matteau’s daughter – Sojourner Faith Jackson

Crime Alertwww photo #1

Public Records Request - Jackson police report_Redacted





The mother of Sojourner Faith Jackson is Denise Matteau of Corpus Christi, Texas.  She believes her daughter was murdered by some kind of extortion and/or blackmail ring.  In fact, in video content posted just yesterday (2/19/2020) Matteau goes on to describe her interactions with the proverbial “one arm man” that Doctor Richard Kimble (The Fugitive”) was chasing.


Above: Dr. Richard Kimble follows the elusive killer of his wife, “the one arm man”

Denise Matteau (once arrested for littering and biting a Corpus Christi police officer) seems to have identified her so-called “one arm man” — Brian Birmingham, who she met in a QAnon chat room.  “Q” or “QAnon” appears to be related to a conspiracy brand initiated by Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada.  Ironically Matteau claims to have been a paid associate of Thomas Schoenberger (former business partner of Chavez [see SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES]).

In recent video content (distributed 2/19/2020) Ms. Matteau’s recounts her two-year quest of “pulling people into the light” from — in her words — “the QAnon” cult.  Hence the name “the QAnon killer”.  Ms. Matteau claims to be a cult survivor of something known as the “Jesus Christians”.


Above:  Dr. Richard Kimble struggles with the one armed man.


Above:  Denise Matteau of Corpus Christi, Texas talks about the so-called QAnon killer

Commentary by Matteau in her video podcast.

(26:03) Over two years ago when I first encountered this group of trolls was in connection with the QAnon cult. I had answered a “Q” question.
(26:25) Among the harassers was a person whom I recognized as an individual who had been stalking and harassing my daughter when she was still alive. And I recognized him. And I confronted him in the questions, the comments, there was some back and force. I checked the channel and I checked who it was. It was him.
(29:18) I knew he had bragged about being a part of an Internet gang — right at the time, actually before she died. So when he was harassing he had sent me some messages and I blocked him and he would get me under another account. It was him again. And he had bragged about the people he knew on the Internet.
(29:48) I also know his background, his military background. Puts him right in with the QAnon crowd. I knew where he grew up and where he spent time as an adult. After she was killed. Which puts him right in the same city as Thomas Schoenberger, Dallas, Texas. Thomas Schoenberger is one of people that runs these, he is a ring leader of these groups.

Based on the content in dozens of other videos it is assumed that Ms. Matteau is speaking about someone allegedly named “Brian Birmingham”.


Commentary on Denise Matteau podcast:

(25:00)  “That guy that was questioned in my daughter’s case (believed to be referring to “Brian Birmingham”).  He bragged about making those kinds of videos.  He was just found out about this group.  Back in 2008.  It was in 2008 and 2009 that he (“Brian Birmingham”) started stalking my daughter.  Sending me messages in Facebook and in forums, would find me and send me a message he wanted to talk to me.  He wanted this, he wanted that.  I told him, hey, you know, look, I am old enough to be your grandmother leave me alone.  Then it turned out he was looking for my daughter.  Because he started asking about her.  He started trying to convince me that I had to pay him money because she was in a cult.  I said, what are you talking about? “


Denise Matteau
September 28, 2010 at 8:51 am

I don’t like the idea of donating kidneys, myself, but if people don’t donate them, then how are the hospitals going to get them? Hmm? I mean, if half the Jesus Christians have donated, as is the claim, and there are only about three dozen Jesus Christians in the so-called “cult”, then where do all those other kidneys come from? Brian Birmingham, BTW, has been stalking individuals who have never heard of the JC’s until he invited them to help his smear campaign and they refused. I am one of them. He works for a professional vigilante hate-group that specializes in attacking the individual members of a church instead of actually producing any real proof of any actual “cult” behavior. His boss at gets $7,000 EACH for consulting with families and it is far more lucrative than actually doing a professional investigation according to law. Brian Birmingham is Ross’s “prospector”, stalking and targetting individuals for take-down if they are even seen talking to a Jesus-Christian and this is only one group they are attacking. This is big money for Birmingham and Ross.

Donate a kidney for Jesus!

More information on Brian Birmingham:


During the spring 2011 semester, Brian Birmingham, a war veteran, was having difficulties in the concentration level in his classes that was a result from his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). According to Brian he met with the vet agent with hope that they can come up with a way for Brian to continue his commitment to study at Umass Boston. Instead of support, Brian was told  to “man up” and to continue with his studies “without whining”. The veteran agent was a no-show at two meetings to discuss possible solutions with Brian and an Academic Advisor. Brian was left without an option other than to withdraw from his classes for the semester. The veteran agent advocated against Brian to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) that resulted in Brian being billed over $9000 for refund of payment done by the VA through the GI Bill to the University.

In 2009 the veteran agent dismissed another woman veteran with PTSD. She was enrolled at Umass Boston and even though she was maintaining an excellent GPA she found the subject matter in certain classes that semester to be “triggering” to her PTSD. According to this woman she spoke to the vet agent who told her to “suck it up” and for being a woman veteran and therefore not seeing combat that she “does not have real PTSD” and to just “suck it up”. He also made provocative comments towards her including saying that he “would ask her on a date if she was not already taken.” When she brought this to the attention of the college, instead of investigating her claims against him the college demanded that she hand over her confidential medical records in order to remain a student there. Even though her PTSD was not directly affecting her studies or behavior on campus the college was concern that her PTSD was “too severe” to be a student at Umass Boston, a diagnosis that the college was never aware of until she reported sexual harassment and mistreatment of veterans on campus. The college withdrew their request for the medical records after the late Senator Kennedy and others advocated on the student’s behalf and informed the colleges that their request was a violation of HIPPAA and the ADA. She was able to continue her studies uninterrupted and graduated with Honors. The veteran agent further violated this student’s privacy even after graduating by telling Brian: “”We just got over that one and now you hit us with this. Brian, you’ve gone to the dark side. She should have shut up and let it drop, and you should have shut up and let it drop too.”

Rick Ross sold his domain and renamed his forum a fre weeks after he received a warning letter from the Massachusetts Attorney General concerning his involvment in the bullying-related deaths of two people in Massachusetts who were related to a woman Rick Ross’s thugs had decided to target. One of Rick Ross’s employees, a man named Brian Birmingham, was allowed by Rick Ross to post death- fantasies and personal location and private life details not only of people who refuse to co-operate with Ross’s “dossier” researchers, but of our children and other loved ones as well.

My daughter was targeted by the Rick Ross Institute a few weeks before being found dead in her room at UMass in 2010. Ross’s employee sent threats to me, accompanied by a murder victim’s obituary, because I was friendly with some of Jason Scott’s friends and I challenged the smear campaigns and the death-fantasies Ross was promoting in his forum.

Rick Ross is a convicted felon with a violent history. He employs “researchers” (stalkers) who he knows are mentally ill and he employs lawyers to protect his cult-scare business profits.

You people should be able to see how easy it is for a sick bunch of thugs like the ones in Rick Ross’s group to hide their true nature behind the mask of anti-cult activism. Their true nature is that of an organized extortion racket. They are violent.

Rick A. Ross Institute, the stalker ring that posts lists of members of targeted religious sects for individual deprogramming assaults, has about three pages of personally directed hatred, libel and threats culminating in a direct threat.

Additional information on Denise Matteau


Meanwhile, Denise Matteau is blocking a lawful Public Records Law request for the medical examiner’s determination of the cause of death for Sojourner Faith Jackson claiming she has privilege as the next-of-kin.

Upon closer examination it was learned that the Massachusetts Medical Examiner’s Officer is in danger of losing its certification with the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME).


871 days I waited for a death certificate and the phone call that I received lasted less than one minute,” said Maggie, mother to three other children. “Less than a minute and they hung up on me.”

Maggie says the wait would have been longer had her State Representative, Dan Hunt, not gotten involved.

After nearly three years of lack of answers from the Medical Examiner’s Office, she contacted her office for help. Just days after Hunt’s office contacted the ME demanding answers, Maggie finally got answers and a death certificate. Ambrose’s cause of death was listed as Sudden Unexpected Infant Death.


“In the beginning the conversations were cruel,” recalls Maggie. “Every time I called the overwhelming, overwhelming message, and it was said numerous times, every phone call I had was the baby is not a priority. Well, my baby is a priority. He’s my son, and he has a family that misses him dearly.”


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Imagine having to wait months, or even years to find out how your loved one died.

A backlog at the state Medical Examiner’s Office has caused lengthy delays in autopsy reports, toxicology screenings, and death certificates, reports that can be critical for a family’s insurance claims, and their peace of mind.

State Auditor Suzanne Bump first uncovered the issue in August. She told the I-Team, the Medical Examiner’s Office had failed to complete 58% of autopsy reports, 32% of death certificates, and 28% of toxicology exams within the 90-day industry standard during her audit, which dated back to July of 2013.

Additional information on Denise Matteau





To be continued…..

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