The Seth Rich SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES lawsuit club: Ed Butowsky, Steven S. Biss, esq., Manuel Chavez, III, and Denise Matteau




Internet observers seem curious about the interlocking relationships of many so-called social media personalities.  There appears to be a mix of “pay to play” in the use of money to motivate so-called “investigative journalists” to disseminate fake disinformation on behalf of powerful clients.

Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada has at least a three (3) history in social media circles of allegedly providing social media “reputation projection” for paying clients.   Chavez apparently uses his social media celebrity status to disseminate alleged falsehoods, false assertions and so-called “fake news” on behalf of pseudo political organizations.


Above: Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada

In social media podcasts Chavez has admitted to working for a Virginia licensed attorney named Steven S. Biss, esq; presently representing (pro hac vice) Dallas-based businessman Edward Butowsky  — another Def. Chavez “client”.

Steven--chavez-- Biss-222

Above: Steven S. Biss, esq, Virginia licensed attorney

The wife of this attorney (Tanya Cornwell) allegedly has paid incentives and monies to Def. Chavez, at least $1,500 on one occasion (via the Internet wire of the PayPal service).  Tanya Cornwell has also attributed to drafting a pleading for the signature of Chavez to act as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against an adversary in common with another Steven S. Biss, esq. legal lawsuit (see eastern District of Virginia).  This pleading was intended to be filed n the courts of Arizona where Chavez resided at the time.  A client of Mr. Biss (with the common legal adversary) paid Def. Chavez $500.00 for unknown services.  The legal adversary is Jason Goodman of New York City.

jason-goodman-slander-libel - Copy

Published social media reports indicate Mr. Butowsky paid $20,000 to Manuel Chavez, III and other pseudo political operatives. Chavez and Mr. Butowsky allegedly have discussed taking “active social media measures” (allegedly to include wiretapping targets) related to the “reputation protection” of Mr. Butowsky, as he was a FOX NEWS contributor who inserted himself into the Internet conspiracy known as the “Seth Rich affair”.  Suffice to say that the Seth Rich conspiracy attracted intense attacks by conspiracy theorists that leverage social media as a public relations weapon (as in “weaponize”).

Chavez was working with Mr. Butowsky on a day by day basis in January and February 2018 in Dallas, Tex. Again, Mr. Butowsky paid the expense of Chavez, as in the case of a hotel bill $5,000 (a pecuniary benefit to Def. Chavez).


Above: Edward Butowsky, Dallas, Texas

Mr. Butowsky had allegedly concocted a story with FOX NEWS’s Malia Zimmerman that a murdered Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer, Seth Rich, was the source of the infamous DNC e-mail messages leaked by the bulk data repository WikiLeaks during the 2016 Presidential primaries.  The apparent motivation behind the article was to establish that Seth Rich provided WikiLeaks with the DNC e-mail messages to shift the blame from Russian and help put to bed speculation that President Donald Trump colluded with the Russian Federation to influence the outcome of the election.

To lend support to this shift the blame theory, Zimmerman allegedly, with the knowledge and support of Mr. Butowsky, fabricated quotes from a private investigator, who was a former District of Columbia Police Department homicide investigator – Rod Wheeler.

It is alleged that Chavez has provided Denise Matteau, Corpus Christi, Texas, with his social media platform to defame, slander and libel innocent third parties.  It is alleged such activities are part of an organized campaign to smear innocent third parties that may be a perceived threat to political figures – like Mr. Butowsky.


Above:  Denise Matteau lecturing her social media audience in 2010

Apparently, Chavez and Matteau cooperated on a project called “CORSIGATE”, referring to “Dr.” Jerome Corsi, Denville Township, New Jersey.  Internet observers will note the strong relationship between “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman and “Dr.” Jerome Corsi.  “CORSIGATE” allegedly involved the system compromise of Corsi’s e-mail account or possibly the laptop computing device used by Corsi for his conspiracy-centered political broadcasts.













To be continued…


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    Fullerton article was fabulous ! Thank you. Esteban Lestat, etc all conspired to point fingers at me. Who called in the welfare check? I believe one of Lestat’s buddies, which means the gang could be charged under Rico statutes. Forwarded article to Ark State Police. As a token of my gratitude, please check out odd Fairbanks tweet. She was clearly financed by Butowsky. Butowsky tied to Defango Defango tied to GH and Tooth, Lestat, Zero Hour, and more.
    Check out my thread on Fullerton the cop killer. He was never promised anything with Sony. Thats Gabe covering his tracks for the Kappy deal..
    You rock Dave..

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