Slander monger George Webb tarnishes what was left of David Knight’s “integrity” in INFOWARS “interview”



David Knight appears to be a former lower-tier Texas-based radio announcer/reporter.  Knight claims that he is an “entrepreneur with a background in engineering and politics” and a “researcher and journalist”.

In recent years David Knight has been making podcast appearances on the conspiracy brand INFOWARS.  INFOWARS is the former employer/client of “Dr.” Jerome Corsi (who received $15,000/month for nine (9) months as “severance pay”).

It is hard to draw a conclusion as to what the intent of David Knight might have been to conduct such an interview.  George Webb is widely known as one of the partners (along with “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman) in causing the closure of the Port of Charleston, S.C. with a “dirty bomb hoax” on June 14th, 2017.  As of late, George Webb  has been insinuating that “Dr.” Jerome Corsi may have had a more direct role in the Port of Charleston incident.

Above:  Robert David Steele (l) and George Webb (r)

George Webb insisted that a “group of five intelligence veterans” with a total experience level of over 100 years in “intelligence operations” provided Webb with his secret intelligence about a dirty bomb on the MEMPHIS MAERSK at the Port of Charleston.  This “dirty bomb” intelligence group turned out to be the hoax and scam story allegedly created by Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) informant Okey Marshall Richards.


Many Internet observers will recall that Jason Goodman was texting with Corsi during the Port of Charleston social media podcast (which led to the Port closure).


Meanwhile, George Webb has been busy traveling back and forth from Cobb Island, Maryland (where he allegedly lives with a “well to do” female “fan”) and points in Florida.  Over the years reasonable Internet observers have noted that Webb has a history of so-called stalking and cyber-stalking various women: to include Teresa Grafenstein, former Inspector General of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Laura Everly, who had possession of a laptop allegedly used by Imran Awan (see Webb’s “spy ring in Congress” story-line).

Among other questionable stories in Webb’s portfolio in his insistence that he was a part of the WikiLeaks information drops, that he has connections with French Mossad operatives, that he viewed a video tape of Donald Trump having intercourse with a minor girl, that he met Julian Assange in Australia when Assange was 15, etc.

Then there are the mysterious meetings with Henry Kissinger arranged by George Webb’s (Sweigert’s) father-in-law in the Czech Republic.  Webb admitted to some involvement in European human-trafficking with is father-in-law.  Webb had an unexplained relationship with the Portland, Oregon Christmas Tree Bomber Mohamed Osman Mohamud in 2010.  Webb also allowed his side-kick Jenny Moore, aka Task Force, to die in a pool of her own vomit at a hotel in Maryland in 2018.

These tip of the ice-berg warnings (such as the above) have apparently been over-looked by alleged “talking head” David Knight.  Interviewing George Webb is a tribute to Knight’s poor taste and apparent non-existent research skills.



Many Internet observers wonder about Knight’s role at the Bundy “Bird Cage” stand-off in Oregon which eventually led to the shooting of LaVoy Finicum (January 2016).  It was almost as if Knight might behaving as an agent provocateur of some kind.










The gist of the George Webb interview was to prop up the so-called “Dr. Richard Kimble” innocent man narrative (a reference to the 1960’s television series “The Fugitive”).  It was “Dr.” Jerome Corsi that apparently turned to state’s evidence and supplied information to the Robert S. Mueller, III special prosecutor to indict Roger Stone.  Webb (who apparently shares an interest in outlandish sexual encounters with Stone) has been called by some as a “Stone groupie”.


Above:  George Webb (l) and Roger Stone (r)


David Knight brings you the real news in real time with a 3 hr radio broadcast every weekday morning. As news anchor, reporter and radio host, David has broadcast live from events ranging from political conventions to the Bundy ranch standoff.  With guests ranging from the former tech head of the NSA to the New Jersey Weedman, the broadcasts are diverse, Compelling insightful surprising and even humorous as David interacts with listeners from a global audience and social media in real time.  As an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and politics, Knight explores the junction of business, technology and freedom with experts in their field.  Firing bullet points in the information war against fake news, David makes sense common again.

Above: Problem drinker George Webb

To be continued….

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