Alleged pro-gay lying drunkard George Webb angers veterans with smear of Pete Buttigieg’s naval service





Alleged Mossad connected “investigative journalist” George Webb (Sweigert) has apparently angered the military community with his displays of mocking contempt for military members.  College basketball scholarship liberal George Webb has a history of openly lying about military members and veterans, to promote his social media views and Patreon contributions ($$$).  Webb presently resides with one of his older “female fans” in Cobb Island, Maryland (believed to be a “kept man”).


Above: George Webb (self-identified “Jew” [l]) talks with New York “Jew” Jason Goodman (r) about their Jewish heritage


It is generally accepted by the social media community that only deluded military veterans still support Webb, rumored to consume 16 (sixteen) glasses of red wine per day.  Webb also displays his preoccupation with filming the security protection of military bases in so-called social media investigative reports.  Recently, Webb promoted a satire video by Randy Credo (New York City disc jockey and radio personality) as “exculpatory evidence” that exonerated Roger Stone (Donald Trump political operative) from criminal charges.  Rumors still linger if George Webb attended Roger Stone sex orgies.


Above: George Webb pals Jason Goodman (l), Roger Stone (c) and “Dr.” Jerome Corsi (r)

Webb’s latest character assassination smear campaign is directed at the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana and current presidential hopeful Peter Buttigieg, who served in the U.S. Naval Reserve.  Webb claimed that Buttigieg entered the naval reserve with the rank of Captain, equal to Colonel in the U.S. Army, Marines and Air Force.

This gross mistake simply illuminated the “slap dash” attitude George Webb has towards fact checking (when he is not drinking).  Lapses in judgement such as these seem to explain George Webb giving a registered sexual offender (“J.K.”) $7,000 to travel to France (presumably to meet with French Mossad “homies”).

Above: Presidential hopeful Peter Buttigieg (l) and his homosexual husband Chasten

George Webb (admitted sex slave who was arrested for assaulting his wife in Clackamas County, Oregon) has apparently gained a new “fact checker” “Ken Hale”.



It is interesting to note that George Webb (self-proclaimed WikiLeaks USB bulk data courier) has a complete lack of understanding of military rank structure.  Webb attributed the rank of Navy Captain to Buttigieg, the equivalent of describing a kitten as a wolf.  Obviously this was a gross indicator at the complete ignorance and contempt George Webb (once arrested for DUI) has for the military.




George Webb’s “puppet theatre” buddy John O’Loughlin (a rumored tax attorney who creates puppet videos with George Webb with “pot smoking bong” in the background) is also a resident of Cobb Island, Maryland.

George Webb Patricia Negron and Jason Goodman conspiracy theorists all (2)

Above: George Webb (l) with side-kicks Trish “the dish” Negron (c) and “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman (r)

In sum, many Internet observers believe the excessive drinking and casual sex (see bondage sessions with Oregon “brownstone” operations) may have impacted George Webb’s memory.  Only die hard supporters like Connie Bevans (rumored to be a 70 y.o. woman from Serbia living in Utah) still carry the torch for the alleged drunk Webb.





Slander monger George Webb tarnishes what was left of David Knight’s “integrity” in INFOWARS “interview”

George Webb accuses Jason Goodman of perjury in the Jerome Corsi Harvard Club affair


Above: George Webb films critical infrastructure



To be continued….


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