YouTube lawsuit: Google added to SHAWDOWBOX STRATEGIES along with Manuel Chavez, III (DEFANGO), Thomas Schoenberger and Denise Matteau in Texas legal action





In new developments in the slander, defamation and libel lawsuit against Thomas Schoenberger, Manuel Chavez, III (DEFANGO) and Denise Matteau, it now appears GOOGLE, LLC will be added as a co-defendant.

Most Internet observers would be quick to point out that GOOGLE, LLC, and its subsidiary YouTube, LLC, would enjoy immunity from slander, libel and defamation claims pursuant to the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA).  However, rumors seem to indicate that a legal cause of action against GOOGLE will not orbit around the CDA; but, other claims.

This seems to be the latest twist it what appears to be the inner workings of a character assassination and smear campaign business known as SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES (SS) hosted by Google LLC and apparently funded by someone known as “Beth Blackburn” (aka “Well Traveled Fox”).  “Beth Blackburn” is an alleged personal friend of Trish “the dish” Negron (defendant with “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman in another slander, defamation and libel lawsuit filed by Virginia attorney Steven S. Biss, esq. (who once represented Manuel Chavez, III)).  Rumors indicate she may have had an affair with Thomas Schoenberger at the height of the “SS” influence over Internet memes and gambits.


Above: Alleged photo of “Beth Blackburn”

Beth Bogaert’s self-portrait published to her twitterfeed November 7, 2018. She uses multiple sock accounts on Twitter, including @foxfire2112@noxfemme@foxfire3113@revolutionfox@welltraveledfox@nooneeveryman@yokoonoof3301, and others. Thomas Schoenberger captured this screenshot in a now-deleted video, “Beth Blackburn…..Spy?” Blackburn is her maiden name.

I introduce canonicity within 3301, and the subject of the Cicada Trademark, and its holder, Marcus Wanners, including the role played by Ms. Bogaerts (Blackburn) in its transfer. Then I definitively resolve a controversy over the Isaac Kappy DeadMan’s Switch KeyBase Crack, and I put it to rest. I dismiss a fake controversy stoked by Martin Wehrmeyer, examine Marcus Wanners’ own 3301 site, then conclude with an examination of correspondence between myself and Thomas Schoenberger.

Then Mr. Schoenberger doxxed her yet again, after she was featured on Arturo Tafoyovsky’s Conspiracy Distillery, as did Steve Outtrim (“LARPWars Part 4-Was Fox (in Socks) Doxxed, or did Fox Doxx (in Socks)?” Burners.Me, November 15, 2019). Finally, Ms. Bogaerts also doxxed herself, which I will leave to psychologists to explain.









Above: “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman (l), Susan Queen Tut Holmes (c) and Trish “the dish” Negron (r).  All three are being sued by Virginia attorney Steven S. Biss, esq.

Trish Negron to be called as witness in Jason “dick pic” Goodman slander, libel and defamation lawsuit in SDNY


BREAKING: Jason Goodman links Timothy Charles Holmseth to Trish Negron conspiracy in slander lawsuit after lying to his audience about the Daubert Test


The Seth Rich SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES lawsuit club: Ed Butowsky, Steven S. Biss, esq., Manuel Chavez, III, and Denise Matteau






To be continued….


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