George Webb pal Field McConnell calls on A.G. William Barr to order Pentagon Pedophile Task Force to rescue him




So-called former sex slave George Webb, Cobb Island, Maryland, probably regrets his slowing appraisls of Field McConnell between January and March 2018.  It was during this time that George Webb (formerly charged with assault on his wife at the time) visited Filed McConnell at the former aviator’s farm in Plum City, Wisconsin.  George Webb has gained a reputation in social media circles as a “suck up” or “a__ kisser” to other social media darlings (especially older men as in the case of Sy Hersh and “Dr.” Jerome Corsi.).

Presently, George Webb is hiding in his waterfront condo in Cobb Island apparently terrified of threats made by an apparent retired U.S. Navy Commander (O-5) named Ken Hale.  George Webb believes that a Janet Reno style “W.A.C.O.” attack will be launched on him with tanks equipped with flame throwers.

Above: Allegedly George Webb’s vision of a W.A.C.O. attack on his Cobb Island bunker (Maryland)





Above:  Alleged former dominatrix to George Webb


Meanwhile, George Webb pal Field McConnell is calling upon the temporary occupant of the White House.  Alleged retired “colonel” Field McConnell has issued a call to Attorney General William Barr to activate the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (P.P.T.F.) and begin the round-up of suspected child predators.  Issuing these “orders” from his jail cell in Broward County, McConnell is busy organizing his “pro-Trump” followers to take action.


The P.P.T.F. is the favorite brain child of McConnell side-lick Timothy Holmseth (accused of stalking a Florida attorney for a decade [Kim Picazio]).  Holmseth is a client of “lawyer to the spooks” Steven S. Biss, esq. of Charlottesville, Virginia.


Are David Charles Hawkins and Timothy Charles Holmseth both pedophile crime fighting twins?

New federal judicial orders posted for Timothy Charles Holmseth in the Field McConnell ABEL DANGER affair

BREAKING: Jason Goodman links Timothy Charles Holmseth to Trish Negron conspiracy in slander lawsuit after lying to his audience about the Daubert Test


To be continued…

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