Joint FBI & NYPD raids bust Canada’s Hugh Hefner – billionaire Peter Nygard – while Timothy Holmseth doubles down on Pentagon Pedophile Task Force




A new spat has developed between U.S. and Canadian “pedo hunters” after the alleged arrest of fashion executive Peter Nygard in Manhattan on Tuesday.  Allegations have surfaced from women in Canada and California that claim to have been raped by the Canadian citizen Nygard.


Last week, we published our investigation, detailing how the ugly feud Mr. Nygard had waged against Louis Bacon, his billionaire neighbor in the Bahamas, had led to a lawsuit, with 10 women accusing Mr. Nygard of rape. We also dug up a pattern of sexual assault and harassment complaints against Mr. Nygard that predated the fight, stretching back 40 years.


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The 78-year-old Nygard has been under investigation for at least five months by a joint child-exploitation task force overseen by the Manhattan US attorney’s office. According to the report, at least four women have accused Nygard in a lawsuit of sexually assaulting them when they were 14 and 15.




Meanwhile, American Timothy Holmseth has doubled down on his assertions that the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (P.P.T.F.) is preparing to round up covert pedophiles.  Holmseth is the side-kick of alleged aviator Field McConnell that once was an apparent pilot for Northwest Airlines.  McConnell lived in Plum City, Wisconsin until he chose to violate a civil protection order issued by a Broward County, Florida judge at the behest of Florida attorney Kim Picazio.

A new dispute has erupted between Timothy Holmseth (accused of stalking Kim Picazio for a decade) and Canadian pedophile research “Agent Margaritaville” (some say the Montagraph of Canada).  “Agent Margaritaville” reports that Timothy Holmseth raised $750,000.00 to hunt pedophiles.

Timothy Holmseth claims to be from East Grand Folks, Minnesota.




The man on You Tube who is obsessed with McConnell operates a You Tube channel called Agent Margaritaville. He claims to have 215 Gigabytes of video files that pertain to the sexual abuse of children by high-level government officials.

In the past couple of days, Agent Margaritaville has published videos demanding the telephone number of Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer) because, he says, he wants to send the video files to the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (I am the official news reporter for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force).

Agent Margaritaville is very angry at me (Timothy Holmseth) because I told him, via an article (I have never spoken with the man) to send any evidence of sex crimes against children (i.e. child porn) to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, FBI, U.S. Marshal’s, or Department of Homeland Security.  I told him I am not law enforcement; I am an award-winning news reporter.


Above:  “Agent Margaritaville” the supposed “Montagraph” of Canada


Above: Field McConnell (inmate in Florida) (l) and “award-winning reporter” Timothy Holmseth (r).  Holmseth is an alleged fugitive from justice.









Above:  Timothy Holmseth explains the $750,000 and “Montagraph” and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force




More information:

Camp Mirage is the codename for a former Canadian Forces forward logistics facility located in DubaiUnited Arab Emirates. The facility was established in late-December 2001 and, though not officially acknowledged by the Canadian Forces, is considered an “open secret“.[1] According to CTV sources, the base was closed in November 2010.[1]


SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2011

Russ Hiebert and Bombardier – Homicidal Former EW Pilot – Taliban Pedophile Trade – Wheelchairs Affair – Backhauled Abducted Children – Camp Mirage

May 15, 2011

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

Did Hiebert and the wheelchair pilot launch Taliban pedophile trade?

Abel Danger believes that Russ Hiebert and Bombardier’s homicidal former EW pilot and logistics expert Russell Williams, launched a Taliban pedophile trade in 2007 when the aircraft they had used to transport wheelchairs to Kandahar were allegedly used to backhaul abducted children to Camp Mirage in Dubai for use as camel jockeys and sex slaves.


Canadian Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Field McConnell and David Hawkins, Forensic Economics, Cybersecurity and Counterintelligence at Hawks’ CAFE

Hawks CAFE believes that Maurice Strong hired Colonel Russell Williams, the recently-arrested former commander of Camp Mirage, to coordinate the 9/11 attack using the Montreal-based Volcanic Ash Advisory Center, allegedly set up by Maurice Strong to enforce climate change rules through the U.N. International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Burlingame Bites Dust in Bullingdon Snuff Film

The Met Office virtual volcanic ash (‘fairy dust’) decoy-and-drone maneuvers used to kill Chic Burlingame III on 9/11, were allegedly developed and tested by staff at Canada’s Camp Mirage in Dubai whose former commander Colonel Russell Williams is currently jail facing charges relating to what we believe is a typical Bullingdonian crime of filming oneself (and others?) raping and killing one’s victims and smashing up their property.

Please check out the apparent links between Sebastian Grigg, a former media-investment director with Goldman Sachs, and his fellow members of the Bullingdon Club of 1992 and Bullingdon bankers alleged use of Sidley Austin law firm associates to trigger catastrophe bonds through the attacks on the United States of 9/11.

New federal judicial orders posted for Timothy Charles Holmseth in the Field McConnell ABEL DANGER affair

BREAKING: Jason Goodman links Timothy Charles Holmseth to Trish Negron conspiracy in slander lawsuit after lying to his audience about the Daubert Test

Are David Charles Hawkins and Timothy Charles Holmseth both pedophile crime fighting twins?


To be continued…


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