In documents received by the Clerk of the Court for the Southern District of New York, Manuel “DEFANGO” Chavez, III and Thomas Schoenberger have been implicated in a scheme to lure Jason Goodman into a litigation trap.

This sticky situation also touches the Virginia attorney that was a one time representative of Manuel Chavez, III, of Carson City, Nevada.  The lawyer, Steven S. Biss, esq., is suing “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman for slander, libel and defamation in Richmond, Virginia.

New revelations in news periodicals indicate that both Chavez and Schoenberger were the agents of Ed Butowsky, a former FOX NEWS contributor.  Apparently, Ed Butowsky was the first client of a smear engine known as “SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES“.

Above:  Attorney Steven S. Biss, esq.

As the new documents filed in the SDNY indicate, Chavez and an associate — Matt Couch — were the two forces behind a SHADOWBOX slander operation (active measures) against Jason Goodman.  In that so-called smear campaign Chavez/Couch said Jason Goodman worked for the private Mossad firm known as “Black Cube” (November 2017).  Now it has apparently been confirmed that Schoenberger was behind the rumor that Jason Goodman was to be arrested by the New York Police Department (N.Y.P.D.) the day following the “dirty bomb hoax” at the Port of Charleston, South Carolina.


Above:  Matt Couch, defendant in federal slander, defamation and libel lawsuit

The closeness of Schoenberger to Robert David Steele during the events of June 14th, 2017 (dirty bomb hoax) concerns many Internet observers.  Evidence indicates that Schoenberger did “whisper into the ear” of Robert David Steele that Jason Goodman, co-founder of CrowdSource The Truth, was to be arrested on June 15th, 2017 by N.Y.P.D.  Steele repeated the rumor almost word for word.

It has been documented in other situations that Schoenberger gave Chavez word for word instructions to manipulate Jason Goodman via cell phone text messages sent over the wires of the Internet.  Some believe that this indicates there was a coordinated use of “active measures” against Goodman.

Above:  Alleged photo of Thomas Schoenberger

These new developments seem to bolster Jason Goodman‘s claims of a conspiracy involving the following people:

  • George Webb (Sweigert), former room-mate of Goodman [April to July 2017]
  • Robert David Steele, George Webb helped raise $26,000.00 for Steele’s #UNRIG
  • Manuel Chavez, III, marketing mouth-piece of Thomas Schoenberger [room-mate of Schoenberger]
  • Steven S. Biss, esq. attorney for Steele and Chavez (although Chavez opted-out at last minute)
  • Tanya Cornwell, alleged wife of Biss that transmitted $1,500.00 to Chavez via Interstate wires (alleged rumors indicate that was to pay Chavez for filing a court complaint created by her (against Jason Goodman), Chavez apparently got cold feet and opted-out [October 2017])
  • Tyroan Simpson, aka Frank Bacon, rumored to be associate of Cornwell (possible brother)
  • Thomas Schoenberger, seems to be the behind the scenes choreographer and manipulator, alleged friends with former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Above:  Manuel Chavez, III appears as a pig next to Robert David Steele (simulated horse’s ass)

It appears, from the totality of evidence, that indeed the above group of alleged joint tortfeasors were part of what Jason Goodman called a “monetized decentralized, distributed defamation” engine.  Now it appears that the engine was SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES, which implicates others (such as one time Democratic National Committee [DNC] public affairs consultant Trevor FitzGibbon).

According to Goodman, he launched a joint N.Y.P.D. and Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) investigation in April 2018 into the “monetized decentralized, distributed defamation” engine (otherwise known as SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES).  The F.B.I.-N.Y.P.D. commenced an investigation with Special Agent Brittany Custer as the purported lead agent.  Apparently, the focus of the investigation was the transfer of monies to facilitate alleged smear campaigns.

In this scenario it appears George Webb was the money man or “bag man”.  Although he has lived in the liberal enclave of Portland, Oregon for over twenty (20) years, Webb likes to portray himself as the “gee whiz” country boy from Indiana.  However, by Webb’s own admission he has associated himself with Wikileaks drops, reviewing films of Donald J. Trump in compromising positions, an associate of Sy Hersh (source of leaked information about the Seth Rich case to Edward Butowsky), etc.

Above: 911 WTC conspiracy theorist George Webb (Sweigert)

However, it was Webb’s skills of transferring monies in and out of Eastern Europe that impressed Webb’s father-in-law at the time (who arranged a meeting for Webb to meet Henry Kissinger).  Recent attention brought to Webb by professional photographer Peter Duke was viewed as troublesome for some.  Besides assisting in raising $26,000.00 for Robert David Steele’s #UNRIG, Webb also raised an apparent $38,000.00 for former F.B.I. Special Agent Robyn Gritz (who claims to be a former associate of Lt. Gen. Michael Thomas Flynn, USA (ret.).).

Many will recall that Gen. Flynn allegedly tweeted a notification about a “TRUE PUNDIT” (Michael D. Moore, West Chester, Penn.) article two weeks before the general election in October 2016.  In that story, TRUE PUNDIT (Michael D. Moore) claimed that a joint N.Y.P.D.-F.B.I. task force had raided the apartment of former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D) New York, and had seized a laptop computer.  This computer was supposed to have incriminating evidence that would lead to the arrest of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.  It was later learned that the story was false; but at the time, seemed to raise questions about Gen. Flynn’s association with TRUE PUNDIT.  This was amplified by Robyn Gritz becoming an on-again off-again side-kick on Jason Goodman’s “CrowdSource The Truth” show.

Above:  Jason Goodman with “TRUE PUNDIT” in West Chester, Penn.


Many will recall that it Michael D. Moore that claimed he had valuable contacts within the F.B.I.  These comments on the CrowdSource The Truth show seemed to amplify the possible involvement of Robyn Gritz in the investigation of the so-called “monetized decentralized, distributed defamation” engine  launched by the joint F.B.I.-N.Y.P.D. task force headed by Special Agent Brittany Custer.

Above:  Robyn Gritz, allegedly bought a car with cash donations

This series of contacts made some question George Webb’s connections with paid F.B.I. informant Okey Marshall Richards of West Virginia militia fame (Marshall convicted six (6) militia members of so-called “crimes” in the 1990s).  It was Okey Marshall Richards that was the source of the story that the MEMPHIS MAERSK could be carrying a “dirty bomb” into the Port of Charleston, S.C. on June 14th, 2017.  It was eerie when Jason Goodman decided to keep Okey Marshall Richards on as a near full-time sidekick to complete over thirty (30) shows on the CrowdSource The Truth platform.

Above:  Jason Goodman makes physical contact with George Webb in a so-called stalking fashion


Above:  Jason Goodman publishes a “WARNING” about the CrowdSource “investigation” on June 11, 2017 — three days before the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” (South Carolina).













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To be continued….


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