Manuel “DEFANGO” Chavez, III sued by mother after death threat style videos, Thomas Schoenberger, Trevor Fitzgibbon and Michael Levine also named






Former SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES investor and former pseudo chief financial analyst Beth Bogaerts, aka “Beth Blackburn” (apparent friend of Trish “the dish” Negron, Needham, Massachusetts) has filed a lawsuit against Manuel Chavez, III aka DEFANGO.

Apparently, the Plaintiff (Bogaerts aka Blackburn) is suing Manual Chavez, III, Carson City, Nevada, for intimidation and harassment for alleged pseudo death threats made against her and her family.



Above:  Manuel Chavez, III is represented in the middle of a Jason Goodman original artwork (Robert David Steele is pictured at the right)



Much of the concern appears to orbit around the “Cicada 3301” Hollywood movie deal that was allegedly in the process of being brokered by Thomas Schoenberger and Michael Levine (allegedly).






Above:  Alleged photo of Beth Bogarts (Blackburn), Austria


The court documents seem to confirm that parties like Thomas Schoenberger, Napa County, California and Manuel Chavez, III (apparently born March 21st) began discussing business operations months before the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” of June 14th, 2017.  “DEFANGO” (Chavez) was very active in a social media conspiracy called “WHO SPOOFED THE SETH RICH FILES” a few weeks prior to the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax”.  It now appears that via Beth Bogaerts (Blackburn) alleged connection to Trish “the dish” Negron, Chavez (DEFANGO) was introduced to George Webb (Sweigert) and “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman.

This information has startled many social media observers who believed Chavez only connected with Schoenberger in October 2017.  Now, apparently, business discussions may have been initiated as early as December 2016, six (6) months before the SETH RICH FILES charade. (DEFANGO has stated in video content that Beth met with Thomas Schoenberger and Trevor Fitzgibbon in December 2016 and not with him).


Above:  Alleged hacker DEFANGO in social media live-stream discussion about SETH RICH FILES with George Webb Sweigert, Cobb Island, Maryland, Trish “the dish” Negron and “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman.

This new information may indicate that Beth Bogaerts (Blackburn) and Trish “the dish” Negron may have been involved in the planning and conceptualization of the SETH RICH FILE hoax many months prior than originally thought.  This may implicate Chavez (DEFANGO) and Schoenberger in a civil conspiracy that dates back to Christmas 2016, not the autumn of 2017.


Above:  Manuel DEFANGO Chavez, III walks his audience through the lawsuit (apparently he was served on his birthday March 21st).

DEFANGO (Chavez) insists he was only an employee following orders.  DEFANGO has stated the he will counter sue and seek damages for missed pay-checks from what Chavez alludes to as the pseudo chief financial officer of Shawdowbox Strategies — Beth Bograerts.


Click here for more info on Cicada 3301


According to the court complaint, Schoenberger allegedly threatened to blackmail Ms. Bogaerts (Blackburn) that he had an affair with her.  In fact, in different social media video productions Schoenberger explained that he had a sexual affair with Ms. Bogaerts behind the back of her husband and that she had given him ten of thousands of dollars in the form of a tribute.

Meanwhile, Chavez (DEFANGO) apparently sent over one hundred (100) e-mail messages to Ms. Bogaerts in some type of alleged blackmail scheme to obtain more money or the use of the CICADA trademark (allegedly).



Above:  Alleged “ladies man” Thomas Schoenberger


Above:  Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada


Below: Schoenberger is also being sued in Florida by a film maker known as “Gabe Hoffman”




Below:  Beth Bogaerts lawsuit



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To be continued…

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