Investigative journalist and apparent China hater — Denise Matteau — issues demand that George Webb be killed by firing squad for espionage and treason after exposing Maatje Benassi as COVID-19 patient zero




Denise Matteau, 66 y.o. living at the 4500 block of Surfside Blvd., Corpus Christi, Texas 78402, has now openly called for the killing and or death of George Webb Sweigert, 59 y.o. (October 12, 1960) living at the 18900 block of Wicomico River Drive, Cobb Island, Maryland 20625-3068.

Matteau still seems angered over the failure of George Webb to investigate the so-called “murder” of her daughter Sojourner Faith Jackson a decade ago.  Reports indicate that Sojourner had a restraining order against her mother in her final days and openly committed suicide.  Matteau blames George Webb for her daughter’s death.

Now she is demanding that George Webb be arrested by military police and executed by firing squad.  This represents the latest social media attack on George Webb that began in August 2019.





Denise Matteau is infamously known for biting a Corpus Christi, Texas police officer on August 4, 2006 and was charged with such.  She is apparently notorious for her anti-semitic statements that displays a loathing for Jewish reporters George Webb and “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman.  She has accused Jason Goodman of participating in a New York City “extortion, blackmail and pedo hunting gang” that murdered her daughter.

Denise Matteau

3/28/2011 at 1:55 pm

I believe all Jews killed Christ and therefore anyone who takes the life of a Jew has avenged Jesus murder on the cross.



Denise Matteau is convinced that George Webb Sweigert is also a part of an “extortion, blackmail and pedo hunting ring” that is “selling out America” (in her words).  It appears, that in sum, Matteau is accusing George Webb and Jason Goodman of operating as part of the “Jewish conspiracy” to destroy America.


Start at time mark 23:45 below:







Alleged Jew hater Denise Matteau of Corpus Christi, Texas exposed, “anyone who takes the life of a Jew has avenged Jesus murder”


Incompetent bunglers at Massachusetts Medical Examiners Office block the progress of locating the “QAnon” killer



To be continued…

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