“Who is Jason Goodman (?)”, asks “Dr.” Paul Cottrell — see epic social media rant of on-line degree holder — George Webb questions “Harvard” affiliations and other so-called “degrees”




Dr. Paul Cottrell of New York City is presently attending “Harvard” to obtain a masters degree in biology.  However, many observers, like George Webb (Sweigert) of Cobb Island, Maryland, complain that Cottrell’s social media videos smack of insinuations that Cottrell is a medical doctor.

This observation has not been lost on “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman, co-founder of the conspiracy brand CrowdSource the Truth (see Abel Danger).  Goodman has more or less called Cottrell on the carpet with insinuations that he is not a medical doctor and should not be making predictions about COVID-19 virus (C V) death tolls.

Cottrell believers that the medical and health care system are in a potential near state of collapse due to C.V.  It seems that both Goodman and Webb have grave doubts about Cottrell, who has a doctorate degree in “Finance” and a “M.B.A.”.



Above:  Above “Dr.” Cottrell provides his view of the COVID-19 virus (C.V.).

Cottrell simply states that he believes COVID-19 is a bio-engineered virus for scientific purposes that can be traced to 2008.  







Paul Cottrell received his BS and MBA from Wayne State University, Ph.D. from Walden University and pre-medicial curriculum from Fordham University. He is currently at Harvard University for an ALM in Biology. His research includes using chaos theory to model financial markets and economic emergence. His work on economic emergence contains new theoretical concepts of economic evolution and the creation of self organizational structures. In addition, Dr. Paul Cottrell has published works from his Harvard University studies in genomics, neurobiology, neurosurgery, endocrinology and microbiota.



Above:  Walden University appears to be an on-line “degree mill”



Above:  A check of Walden University reveals no programs in “Finance” at the PhD level.


Above:  “Walden University” does indicate that they offer a so-called “PhD in Management”


Above: Questions orbit the amount of student loans Cottrell may have received from the U.S. Government


By Anna Schecter


Jennifer Wright, a former Marine Corps officer who teaches grade schoolers in the California desert, had a dream. She wanted to get her doctorate in education while her two elderly parents were still alive — and while continuing to teach the low-income students she felt really needed her.

Six years after enrolling in a distance learning program with one of the nation’s best-known for-profit schools, however, Wright, 51, still doesn’t have her degree. She has exhausted the GI Bill benefits she earned from serving 16 years in the military and is $224,000 in debt.

“I feel like I’ve wasted six years of my life,” said Wright, “and I owe more than my house is worth.”



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Above:  Some believe the use of the term “doctor” by Paul Cottrell could get him in hot water with the New York States Department of Health





Meanwhile, Jason Goodman (Hollywood film maker) seems to be upset with the casual foot-dragging of Cottrell to return Goodman’s phone calls.  Goodman insinuates that Cottrell is avoiding his calls.


Above:  “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman







Goofballs Jason Goodman Patricia Negron and Queen Tut aka Carla A. Howell at 'Crowdsource the Truth'

jason-goodman-slander-libel - Copy

Jason Goodman films patients at NYC’s Presbyterian Hospital while accused by Pro Field McConnell physician of obtaining her private telephone number to interfere with patient care — plus new court documents in Steven S. Biss case







To be continued….

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