Fake quack “doctor” Paul Cottrell linked to Thomas Schoenberger of ShawdowBox Strategies — strange bedfellows




A March 3, 2020 social media podcast has showcased so-called Internet “super troll” Thomas Schoenberger in a discussion with alleged diploma mill graduate Paul Cottrell (PhD in Management from online Walden University).

Many Internet observers remain curious how Thomas Schoenberger (the defendant in two lawsuits — defamation, slander & libel and fraud, civil conspiracy, etc.) became an “expert” in pandemics.  In the social media podcasts (see below) Schoenberger seems to sound off as an expert on the COVID-19 virus (C.V.).

Schoenberger is heard pushing the “wave theory” of multiple episodes of COVID-19 attacks on the human population, “doctor” Paul Cottrell seems to agree, calling it the “fog of war”.

Above:  Thomas Schoenberger and “doctor” Paul Cottrell discuss “FEMA camps (21:00)


Above:  Masters of Business Administration degree holder “doctor” Paul Cottrell

Cottrell simply states that he believes COVID-19 is a bio-engineered virus for scientific purposes that can be traced to 2008.  


Above: alleged photo of Thomas Schoenberger


Above:  At time-mark 23:00 Cottrell begins to ramble about his grandparents as Holocaust victims.  “Being a Jew it screams to me that I got to do something” (23:54).

Cottrell tells the audience “I believe this was a biological engineered virus” (24:52).  “I believe the C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency) is using this as leverage to pull down the C.C.P. (Chinese Communist Party) (26:09).


Thomas Schoenberger chimes in his opinion of Class 4 bio-weapons facilities, such as supposedly operated in Wuhan, China.

“It’s sudden death” (31:31) proclaims Cottrell.


Above:  Schoenberger asserts COVID-19 will be worse than the “black plague”

At 32:22 both Cottrell and Schoenberger (alleged convicted felon) predict melt-downs of nuclear power facilities as staff become sick (see below).



“This is a super pandemic that can collapse our nation”, Schoenberger (Napa County, California) at time-mark 33:22.



“Who is Jason Goodman (?)”, asks “Dr.” Paul Cottrell — see epic social media rant of on-line degree holder — George Webb questions “Harvard” affiliations and other so-called “degrees”




To be continued….

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