In a dramatic turn of events, “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman has in so many words declared a so-called cyber war on “Doctor” Paul Cottrell.  In sum, now Goodman is insinuating that Cottrell is a member of a “social engineering” team or is a “social engineer”.

Cottrell simply states that he believes COVID-19 is a bio-engineered virus for scientific purposes that can be traced to 2008.  

The use of the term “social engineer” is a stock term Jason Goodman allegedly applies to members of the “decentralized distributed defamation” social media engineers associated with Thomas Schoenberger (Shadowbox Strategies).  A social media podcast featuring a Thomas Schoenberger interview with “Dr.” Paul Cottrell has surfaced.

Jason Goodman (alleged friend of Brian Singer) has accused Schoenberger (in court documents) of operating with a group of joint tortfeasors (“gang”) made up of Manuel Chavez, III, Carson City, Nevada, and George Webb (Sweigert), Cobb Island, Maryland.  Goodman believes that Schoenberger and Webb are working secretly with Robert David Steele, Oakton, Virginia.

In the video below, Jason Goodman launches into a profane litany of swear words.  In fact, Goodman tells Cottrell that “he will never be a medical doctor” and that he is a “threat to society“, etc.  These seem to be stock Goodman phrases as they riddle court documents in Virginia and New York City.

GOODMAN:  10:50  “You are a danger to the public if you ever become a doctor”

GOODMAN:  11:00  “I am calling you to tell you that you are a fucking idiot and a social engineer”


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Some Internet observers believe that Jason Goodman’s (co-founder of CrowdSource The Truth) so-called over-reaction is linked to the involvement of Thomas Schoenberger with a “social engineering” team comprised of Robert David Steele and Manuel Chavez, III.

Cyberstalker troll feud: Why the Internet must pay for the sins of the Manuel Chavez, III and Thomas Schoenberger

Robert-Steele-7 (1)

Above:  Robert David Steele

BREAKING: Ed Butowsky, Manuel “DEFANGO” Chavez, III and Thomas Schoenberger (SHAWDOWBOX STRATEGIES) called out in national press for Seth Rich “wiretap”

Above:  George Webb and Jason Goodman with unidentified “Russian woman” believed to be Goodman’s ex-wife in Miami, Florida



Above:  Jason Goodman with George Webb (Sweigert) and Trish “the dish” Negron


Above:  Jason Goodman, Roger Stone (felon) and “Dr.” Jerome Corsi (Harvard)


Above:  Alleged photo of Thomas Schoenberger




Above:  Jason Goodman publishes a “WARNING” about the CrowdSource “investigation” on June 11, 2017 — three days before the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb hoax” (South Carolina).

To be continued…

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