As predicted by many observers in the social media community, “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman wasted no time in conflating Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell with a conspiracy theory that the deaths in American hospitals are part of a medical simulation.

In what appears to be clandestine telephone calls to Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, Jason Goodman apparently “cornered” the doctor into presumed insinuations that he can not tell if a medical simulation is in progress.


Many people have viewed recent videos posted by Maimonides Medical Center affiliated ER Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell. Like so many other social engineers including the New York Times, Dr. Colleen Smith and Governor Andrew Cuomo, Dr. Sidell’s message focuses on ventillaotrs and complex details surrounding the intubation and treatment of deathly ill paitents. Why would Dr. Kyle-Sidell go out on a limb, so few hospital affiliated MDs would? How is it possible that he does not know if he is involved in a Mediacal Simulation or a real event? This set of phone calls shed new light on a growing pool of Doctors behaving strangely.

As usual the “guest” Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell is forced to hang-up the telephone after what some call Jason Goodman’s belligerent questioning.  Goodman seized up language that Dr. Colleen Smith was a former resident of Dr. Kyle-Sidell’s.  Dr. Colleen Smith is infamous for a video created in cooperation with the New York Times.



“Conspiracy theorist” Jason Goodman launches new COVFEFE-19 attack on Emergency Room physician — this time Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell’s theory of COVID-19 oxygen starvation





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To be continued….


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