Now COVID-19 “quack” Doctor Paul Cottrell is desperately seeking China’s “Tokyo Rose” George Webb to apparently form new defense against Jason Goodman




New developments with George Webb and Paul Cottrell indicate that the two may be forming some kind of alliance against “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman.  George Webb is the former side-kick of Jason Goodman, together the pair closed the Port of Charleston with a “dirty bomb hoax” on June 14, 2017.

Now Paul Cottrell is apparently seeking George Webb, according to new video content released by Cottrell.



Most Internet observers recall that George Webb (Sweigert), Cobb Island, Maryland, is the apparent darling of China’s Communist Party (CCP).  The national newspaper of Red China (apparently controlled by the CCP) has promoted “conspiracy theorist” George Webb to throw suspicion on the source of the COVID-19 outbreak (patient zero) to a U.S. Army cyclist.



“Conspiracy theorist” Jason Goodman launches into fake quack “doctor” Paul Cottrell in epic social media stereo rant after Thomas Schoenberger video surfaces


“Who is Jason Goodman (?)”, asks “Dr.” Paul Cottrell — see epic social media rant of on-line degree holder — George Webb questions “Harvard” affiliations and other so-called “degrees”


Fake quack “doctor” Paul Cottrell linked to Thomas Schoenberger of ShawdowBox Strategies — strange bedfellows


George Webb claims censorship of patient zero — Maatje Benassi — worse than Chinese CCP as Google, LLC pulls down 580K views “intel” video — now viral in Red China


#Maatje Benassi so-called Patient Zero – George Webb declares innocent female soldier a danger to the public health in viral COVID-19 video



Above:  George Webb displays his quarters at Cobb Island, Maryland





To be continued…

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