Oval Office implosion after Alec Baldwin’s use of “COVFEFE-19” during SNL skit that was a “coded message” to the world elite NOT to take Hydroxy-chloroquine per Ferritin blood cell over-load





Like so many weeds in the backyard, a new round of bizarre conspiracy theories have surfaced with apparent origins to the Oval Office at the White House.  This wouldn’t be the first time that so-called White House fingerprints have surfaced on “conspiracy theories”.

There are presently at least four (4) federal lawsuits that orbit Edward Butowsky, Plano, Texas businessman, that link an alleged fake FOX NEWS story about the death of Democratic National Committee (D.N.C.) staffer Seth Rich to Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary.


Above:  (L to R)  Social media conspiracy theorists, self-identified “Jew” George Webb Sweigert and Jason Goodman (CrowdSource The Truth) interview Rod Wheeler of Seth Rich FOX NEWS fake news fame (see below).

Ed Butowski back in legal hot water after Second Circuit revives FOX News lawsuit


The latest White House connection to the “conspiracy movement” appears to be connected to a May 2017 tweet from the Oval Office concerning “COVFEFE”.




Within the last few weeks a new conspiracy theory has been developing that the Oval Office may have known about the planned COVID-19 pandemic and tweeted out a coded warning to supporters.


Above:  Alec Baldwin (center) speaks about the “COVFEFE – 19” virus



The theory suggests (see David Charles Hawkins, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada) that the world elite’s consume andrenchrome through the drinking of children’s blood.  Hence, David Hawkins focus on pedo-protection rings, U.S. Government pedo snuff films, dead pool betting on COVID-19 death tolls, etc.






Are David Charles Hawkins and Timothy Charles Holmseth both pedophile crime fighting twins?


Above:  Jason Goodman displays coffee cup in the center of a defamation, libel and slander lawsuit





Above:  “Hollywood film maker” Jason Goodman with Michael D. Moore, West Chester, Penn., aka “TRUE-PUNDIT” and associated so-called “fake news” articles



Many Internet observers will recall the so-called “exclusive” stories pushed by “True-Pundit” (Michael D. Moore, West Chester, Penn.) weeks before the 2016 Presidential election.  True-Pundit stories about joint Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) and New York Police Department (N.Y.P.D.) seizures of laptops with “incriminating evidence” against the Democratic presidential candidate turned out to be false.  Those True-Pundit stories were tweeted by Lt. General Michael Flynn, U.S.A. (ret.), Donald Trump, junior (son of the President) and Erik Dean Prince, Blackwater fame.


Above:  Conference dedicated to Lt. Gen. Flynn with Sidney Powell, esq. (attorney for Lt. Gen. Flynn), Field McConnell.




Above:  Jason Goodman conducts “round-table” discussion with Lt. Gen. Flynn so-called “die hard” supporters; such as Robyn Gritz (former F.B.I., Chicago, Ill.), Kevin Shipp, Scott Allan Bennett, etc.)


Jason Goodman talks over El Paso and Dayton shootings with Scott Allan Bennett of USSOCOM unauthorized weapons fame

Jason Goodman, Field McConnell, David Charles Hawkins and the Crowdsourced ABEL DANGER shuffle





To be continued…


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